❝ Stop saying, ‘I’m saving it for something or someone special’. One day you’ll wake up and realize, you’ve wasted it a long time ago. // ❝ I love you and you’ll be the last to know. // ❝ If you can kill people by ignoring them, you are now officially a criminal.

❝ I believe that unfinished things are the loveliest because you keep on wanting them. You crave for them - like this poem. Like the song cut by your mother’s voice calling for breakfast. Like us.

you are light. you are soft. you are magic.

❝ It would be a delight to be ruined by you.

I think you’re an art I cannot comprehend and this thing we have, this could be another bloody poetry.

The sky is feeling blue today.

 Another woman stole her wedding dress.

 Honeymoon before the wedding is mainstream.

❝ Even the stars fall sometimes too.

❝ Her skin was her favorite paper.

 I am real, said the unicorn.

❝ You look like someone who can burn me; someone who will collect the ashes and watch me rise from it.

I am so tired of waiting,
Aren’t you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?

 People leave and it’s either you cry or do the laundry.

❝ I closed the door and I was happy. I did not even hear the bang. Perhaps I closed it slowly. I do not remember at all. I chewed the quiet and swallowed it hungrily. There I was at the party, my eyes longing for your eyes with the beer iced cold as my heart, my temper. Where have you been? Where are you headed? I am coming with you. Please take me with you.

 We know mornings too well.
We know loneliness.
We know that bees must be saved.
But we like honey so much.
We like pretense sweetness.
We want to be wanted so bad
we no longer care if it is deadly.
I’m dreadfully yet unapologetically
in love with you.

❝ It does not matter if he is not the same person you lost as long as he is the exact same person you want to find.

❝ I will never
truly know myself. 
This is why it’s never wrong 
to love a stranger.

❝ Every person is a poem but not everyone knows how to read.
— irishjulienneso it is not your fault they do not love you back

❝ I leave pieces of me in cities I’ve been to and people I’ve been with. I am everywhere.

❝ We are all cruel not just to others but mostly to ourselves.
— irishjulienneand this cruelty is not easy to forgive

❝ I am here but I am not.
You are there but you are not.
We’re somewhere.
Finally we’re elsewhere.
— irishjuliennewe both wanted to run

❝ The ghosts are not just passing by. I know them. I know them too well.

❝ I learn to love people during train rides. Maybe it’s their silence or the warmth they don’t intend to give. Each stop, my heart breaks. I seldom go home with it whole.
— irishjuliennea short love affair

❝ If I could only meet all the wrong people and love them right. If you’re lonely, if you think you’ve messed up I will still fucking love you. Our eyes can see but we will never see all those broken pieces of people’s hearts floating like ashes in the hallways or grocery store or in the damn street. I’m sick of this! Sleeping at night thinking how many people in this world are lying in bed naked because that’s the only place they feel bare and free. How can you let someone sleep coldly when you know you have so much warmth to give? I will fuckin love them all the way they want to be loved. This feeling is so terrible. We adopt a cat and shelter some dogs yet how can we fuckin ignore a breaking heart or a sad person?! Let’s keep our money, our clothing, our food to ourselves. But love, man? Just fuckin give it. Before you even offer it someone is willing to take it as fast as lighting. Let’s please stop commodifying love. Be patient, darling. Hang on a little bit longer. I will come see you. I will fuckin love you.
— irishjuliennespread the love

❝ As much as I want to be compared to the stars, I won’t be like them. During the storm, I promise you will still see me.
❝ I will always be patiently aching for you - my love, my darling, my loss.

❝ I am so hungry for words, for people, for love. I crave everything and no matter how much I take them all in, I just can’t satisfy my soul enough. So I write some more and love a little bit harder hoping I would fill myself up in the process…
— irishjuliennehunger

❝ When you can no longer apologize, leave.
— irishjulienneyou might be forgiven then

❝ I wasn’t drunk but I said those words anyway. I know it’s ridiculous. But I can always pretend I’m drunk or high but I can no longer disguise as someone who doesn’t care about you when you’re the only one I give a shit about.
— irishjulienneyet you said i’ll never be sober enough

❝ Such a shame,
there is so much to feel
and I have only one heart.
— irishjuliennemy brain carries it all

 One day
I will see you again
and I’m not going to feel anything;
not even hate or longing.
— irishjuliennewe could be happy, the both of us

❝ Before you, I was made for running and hiding and forgetting.
— irishjuliennenow i’m glad someone’s brave enough to stay

❝ You left.

I hope you come back before this finally sinks in.
— irishjuliennethis is not happening

 Even if you don’t have a story to tell, there’s always this one person who can write novels about you. You may not know it yet. But someday you will. You’ll read it out loud and fall inlove with yourself. 

Repeat after me: I am worth writing and reading for.

❝ The trouble with writing is doubt. Do not underestimate my ability to dissolve you into words. You were never real to me. You’ve always been a poem; just a metaphor I kinda hoped turn into something solid.
— irishjuliennei love you this way

• goodbyes give birth to a more lovelier hello.
• your palms are made of second chances and third
and fourth and unlimited opportunities.
• when the sea gets angry, it forms a tsunami.
angry things are the deadliest.
control your anger.
don’t kill.
• your mother will always understand.
if she doesn’t, prove her wrong.
• you will always be your father’s weakness.
• there are days when eating a box of pizza
all by yourself is necessary.
• you can scream with your car’s window rolled down.

•poetry is always meant to be beautifully or painfully tragic.
• someone out there is dying to know you exist.
• hands are the best things no matter how rough
or calloused they are.
• not everyone will treat you right but not
all of them meant to hurt you.
• bad days are lessons and memories
that are yet to be learned and cherished.
• you can always unlearn drowning and master
breathing and staying afloat.
• you have the right to leave and the choice to stay.
• home isn’t always tangible.
it could be a pair of shaky hands and gentle eyes.
• don’t settle for sands when you can hold a rock.
• regret is far worst than trying.
• you can always cry.
you can weep.
you have the right to break down.
just let it all out.
• sleep could be an escape but too much of it
means running away.
• your dog understands you.
just talk to him when you have
no one else to turn to.
• your cat can warm your bed.
• don’t cut your wrist.
stitch your old wounds.
•we are all fucked up.
•you’re not alone in this.
• if people’s heart can change,
your sorrow, too is not permanent.
•you’ll be happy. you’ll smile again.
you’ll survive this. you’ll live.
— irishjuliennethings to remember when you feel like dying

 Teach me to forget the unforgettable.
— irishjulienneteach me to forget you

❝ I can tell by the way you try to avoid me, you’ve been struggling not to miss me.

❝ I’ve loved you so much
it took me some time to realize
you’ve already left.
— irishjuliennetoo late to wake up

❝ I think of you. This is not something new. I think of you during long hour road trips by the woods. I think of you, the first time I step on a freshly mowed grass. I think of you whenever I missed the sunset. I think of you during 2am walks, hoping I won’t get raped or abducted by strangers. I collected your photos although I fought really hard with myself one time because I decided to burn every single piece. I don’t know why longing fills my throat when I am about to say your name. I stopped cutting, you know. Anything that can be cut, I cut it for love’s sake. I cut my hair, you know. I cut it so you won’t have a hard time ignoring me when we bump into the streets. I cut it short so you won’t recognize this girl you once fucked and loved (I hope you did, at least). My cat misses you. He stops eating for two days after you packed your things up and called it quits. You know what sucks? My cat does. I know if he can only talk, he would say he is choosing you instead of me. No matter what I feed him, he refuses to take a single bite. He drinks milk as his way to survive and sleep on your cotton slippers which I think you intentionally left behind for his enjoyment. I think of you. I think of you a lot, a lot more lately. My cat died. I refused to believe he died of starvation. I want to believe he died of a broken heart. That would give it more justice. I still think of you though. I think of you in the shower. I screamed your name out on a rainy day and the neighbors said, I was a poor kid. I am a kid no more. But I am truly poor and weak and probably dying. But I need to find a way to stop thinking of you. I don’t want to give in just like that. I want to be like our cat. I hope I am a strong as the both of you were. I want to be the one who leaves first while everybody stays behind.
— irishjuliennemy cat stops living after you left

❝ I see you and it still hurts my eyes everytime i try to look away.

❝ I do not always remember so there would be no reason to forget.

❝ What we had was my everything. Now I have nothing but memories. I still manage to smile whenever you cross my mind.
— irishjuliennei still think about you sometimes

❝ The clouds turn gray
and learn how to
— irishjuliennerain

 I demand love.
I know it’s wrong to want something you cannot have.
I know it’s wrong to want something you cannot give.
But i still want it.
Even if it means walking alone at two in the morning,
waiting for you at the bus stop.
Even if it means reheating lasagna over and over again
until you arrive home.
Even if it means hugging you in your sleep and pretending
I don’t know you’re just faking every snore.
I still demand love.
Even if it’s not from you.
I demand it because I believe,
somehow I deserve it.
— irishjuliennei demand love

 Don’t love me when you’re drunk.
Don’t leave me when you’re sober.

❝ Forgetting you is like getting out of bed early in the morning. Even the mere imagination of it makes me tired so I easily give in and find myself sleeping again.

 I will burn every memory of you if I could.

You do not love people 
because they are worth-loving.
You love them even if they are not, 
even if they themselves stutter the moment 
they are about to say the words I love you. 
You love people not because they are weak 
but because you know they can be stronger with you. 
I love you not because you love me too.
I love you because I simply do.

 Our love ended in a beautifully tragic way. 
I had you. You had me. 
Even just for a little while.
In a way, that is beautiful.
In a way, that is enough.

 Listen my friend. Silence can kill. Yes, silence is deadly. It grips you from the inside. Silence is a form of self-destruction too.

❝ I never wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be the song.

 I love all the good things about you but not as much as I love your weaknesses.

❝ Everytime you love someone, a piece of you stays with that person forever. The more you love, the more you lose a part of you. Don’t rush for love and never collect lovers like seashells. Once you say ‘I love you’, mean it because you’ll never be whole again. Be sure it’s worth it.
— irishjulienne, i will never be whole again, so they say

Tonight, some people out there are being born while others are taking their last breath.
Tonight some people are having sex while others are crying themselves to sleep.
— irishjulienne, tonight

❝ I have to tell you though, it’s not everyday you get to know someone who is worth your tears.

❝ If you kill yourself, you are going to murder the possibility of a new friendship and future romance.

❝ He does not know how it feels to be lonely because he’s the type who leaves before anyone else does.

❝ I am a warm porridge you refuse to eat because you prefer to be sick.

❝ Don’t laugh at me even if I’m a falling star. I can still burn you.

❝ I wonder if the sunset knows it will rise again tomorrow.

❝ I love sinning with you. It’s the only sin I’ve committed which felt like salvation.

❝ For some people a house
can never be a home. 
For some people the road
is a resting place. 
But for some people, 
another person’s heart
can be a sanctuary; 
a part of you they can 
always come back to.

❝ A man doesn’t have to be great in bed
to prove his worth.
A man doesn’t have to work on his muscles
to prove his worth.
A man doesn’t have to control his tears
to prove his worth.
A man doesn’t have to learn how to drink and smoke weed
to prove his worth.
The same goes for women.
We don’t have to prove our worth to anyone
because whatever they say, we are always worth it.
Nobody has the right to tell you that
you’ll never be good enough.
You’re either worthy of praise or mercy.
This is just how life goes.
— irishjulienne, worth

Once you’ve given love, you cannot take it back.
But you can save yourself from giving more.

You do not have to forgive people. But you won’t be able to forget them too.
Be hurt for the right reasons. Unfold the grudges and move forward.

❝ I’ve forgotten how spring smells; the blossoming tulips and dancing dandelions, since the day you left.

❝ Our hearts are framed like a love portrait.

Someone once told me that in this life, we need different kinds of love.
It is necessary for us to feel pain at times so we can figure out what we really want and what we really need.
There are instances that what we want is something that we don’t actually need. That being said, love can be a luxury.
The moment he told me this, I suddenly realized that it was just his graceful way of saying goodbye.
My love is not something that will satisfy him. He craved for more, something I cannot give.
For him my love is just another type of love out there; a love he has gotten used to.
But he was right. I’ve found the kind of love I’ve been looking for in the arms of another soul.
And he was there, standing at my doorstep feeling the rain and cold, begging to give my love back again.
— irishjuliennea different kind of love

I dream of one day meeting you at a coffee shop in Boston. We will not drink coffee because I know it’s bad for you. So instead we will order two milkshakes or perhaps yogurt.

I dream of one day meeting your dad. I wanted to meet him and tell him your secret. You told me you love him but you never had the chance to show it because he hates you. I think you’re just too shy to admit that you’ve been living with a stranger for 22 years. But maybe it’s time to swallow your pride and reconcile. I’ll tell him his son loves him so much. Let’s stop the hurting.

I dream of one day visiting your mini library. I’ll read to you the poem you gave me back when I was still a teenager. You said it was originally a rap song and I never liked listening to rap music but because you wrote it and because it was written for me, I really fell hard for it.

I dream of one day playing with your son. We will watch SpongeBob SquarePants and I’ll tell him that each character represents the devils inside us. Together we shall sin. Our sins will be so deadly and unforgivable sometimes I wish God does not exist. But He does and this is something I firmly believed in but often I take for granted.

I dream of one day going to the cemetery with you to visit your deceased mother. Together we will find out how she died. The mystery of her death continues to engulf you and I can’t blame you. You were just a kid back then. You ran away from home, smoked some weeds and fucked a lot of bitches you bumped into. No, I don’t blame you. It wasn’t your fault. But you had a choice and you chose wrong. Despite all these, I will hold your hand; cover your palms with mine just so you can feel the warmth you’ve never felt for a long time.

I dream of one day sitting at the bench at your backyard while you narrate to me the history of your tattoo. It says, in memory of Pauline. I know Pauline was your grandma. But I want to know her more. You said she was your favorite and I envy her. I want to be your favorite too. Any kind of favorite will do.

I dream of one day cuddling with you in the couch while the snow is falling outside. I want you to touch me until I can no longer remember how it hurts to be touched for the first time.

I dream of one day letting you inside me. It always leaves me wondering how it feels to have a white man inside you. I want to discover more about your body. I want to love every flaw and every scar I will find imprinted on your skin because they are a part of you.

I dream of one day loving you because as of today, I’m not really quite sure if what I’m feeling is love or confusion or just a mere pity.
— irishjulienneone day

❝ Beautiful things do not always happen in beautiful places just like a lotus flower growing in the mud.

❝ In my dream you were not a dream. 
      I struggled to wake up 
          only to find out you were nowhere.
I seek for you in my skin sometimes. 
        Then I’d say, 
           ‘Oh there you are. 
I was just about to write you’.

❝ We can not survive in museums.
We can not survive not touching.
We can not survive being stared at
as if they do not believe we are art enough.
— irishjuliennewhy museums are too good for us, love 

sleep is good, but books are better <3

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