"Things just went wrong too many times." // "Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference." // "Not everyone you lose is a loss."

I like it when you show that you care. That’s all I ever needed from you.


but i cant have u

Every relationship is messed up. What makes it perfect is if you still want to be there when things really suck.


what a shame

And it was after months of silence that I realised we make better strangers than we ever did anything else.




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there will be people who cannot handle your grace, your beauty, your wisdom, your heart;
mostly because they can’t handle their own.
but you will never be
and have never been
“too much

Nostalgia is a
dirty liar
that insists things
were better
than they seemed.


thoughts 2/20/14

he was the ocean
and I was just a girl
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

I think I already died before you got here, but I woke up when I heard your voice.

There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.

"The worst goodbyes are ones unsaid."

I want to hear what makes you sad and what makes you happy, and everything in between 

"I discovered myself while discovering you."

"All the tears and all the smiles; you were worth it"

"I’m exactly who I told myself I’d never be"


Not every person we love has to stick around. Sometimes it’s better to leave while you’re still ahead. Sometimes it’s better to leave before you get unloved."

When someone won’t let you in, eventually you stop knocking.

I have a lot to say
you just have to ask the right questions.

“Even atheists could have seen heaven in your eyes.”

“Before you left, you held my hand
gently, briefly, and I could feel
everything I love about you
in your hand. I could feel all of you.”

 and this, love, is how I know:
you were the answer long
before I ever knew to
ask the question. 

 every word I’ve written
knows and holds the
reverent secret note
of your name. 

 I never realized how much
I had missed you until
I saw your face for
the first time. 

 because I find myself thinking
only of you when I should
have everything else
on my mind. 

 I lose myself, in so many
moments, only to find
myself again in
your eyes. 

 I recognized your voice,
the first time I heard
it; familiar, like the
song of my own. 

 because your heart is so
damn beautiful, always;
strong or vulnerable,
heavy or light. 

 you are my light, in darkness
or midday; suns and
candles can’t

 there aren’t enough hours
in the day when I’m with
you; too many when
I’m without you. 

 I couldn’t wait to name
a storm after you, so
I started naming

once, I made wishes every half day,
waiting for hands to turn circles,
for the bone to break in my favor,
waiting for the four leaf clover,
for the eyelash floating away.

now, it is always
& you are always
coming true. 

Please don’t forget. We’ll ignore one another’s existence. We’ll be assholes towards each other. We’ll avoid our true intimate thoughts. We’ll disregard the past. Just promise me you won’t forget me. That glimpse of me that you saw. Yes, the real me. Promise you won’t forget.

I am better than I was. I will be better than I am

sometimes I miss you and sometimes I could care less about you

nice boobs and nice ass isn’t a requirement from my girl. like i ain’t gon turn down a shawty wit a perfect personality and a beautiful face cause she don’t got no body. body is icing on the cake but pound cake ain’t got no icing and i fuck wit that heavy. 

I get it now; I didn’t get it then. That life is about losing and about doing it as gracefully as possible…and enjoying everything in between

I’m surrounded by people who just wanna get blackout drunk for fun. Like nah man. Let’s go camping or take a road trip or do some stuff we haven’t done before. I wanna live.

I don’t want to be “sort of dating” someone. I don’t want to be “kinda hanging out” with someone. I don’t want to spend a lot of energy suppressing my feelings so I appear uninvolved. I want to be involved. I want to be sleeping with someone I know I’ll see again because they’ve already demonstrated to me that they’re trustworthy and honorable — and into me. He’s Just Not That into You

You not wanting me, was the beginning of me wanting myself. Thank you

don’t date someone that promises you forever. date someone who acknowledges that life happens, that people change, that things may get in the way. date someone who despite knowing all of that, tries their hardest for your relationship. 

Copy: You
Paste: My bed

Directly, or indirectly, everything we write is for, about or because of someone

I have built a home
for you
in my heart;
just know
the door may
not always be open,
but it will always
be unlocked. 

I will love you until the chances of us running into one another slip from slim to zero, and until your face is fogged by distant memory, and your memory faced by distant fog, and your fog memorized by a distant face, and your distance distanced by the memorized memory of a foggy fog. 
I will love you no matter what happens to you, and no matter how I discover what happens to you, and no matter what happens to me as I discover this, and now matter how I am discovered after what happens to me as I am discovering this

I don’t post selfies I post masterpieces

I hope you miss me so much you can’t sleep. 

Don’t hang with people who make you justify your vibe. Black holes don’t give the light back. 

words of wisdom.

To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never to forget

If you were happy with the wrong person, imagine how happy you’ll be with the right one. 


Vivre Sa Vie (1992)

Well, I think that when you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away, you know? You snap back to being important to each other because you still are. Alex Vause, Orange Is The New Black

Believe me when I tell you that everything is temporary. Everything. There’s not a thing in the world that will not change, including you


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I hope 
we both find ourselves 
this summer 
and I hope 
the roads lead us back 
to each other.

for someone who pretends to have no emotions whatsoever im really sensitive


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la dispute - andria


But then I realized I was holding onto something that didn’t exist anymore. That the person I missed didn’t exist anymore. People change. The things we like and dislike change. And we could wish all day long that they didn’t, but they always will. Sarah Ockle

It’s scary to find someone that makes you happy. You start giving them all of your attention because they’re what makes you forget everything bad that’s going on in your life. They’re the first person you want to talk to in the morning and the last one before you sleep just so you can start and end your day with a smile. It all sounds great to have that someone, but it’s scary to think about how easily they could just leave and take that happiness away too when they go.

You should not
have to rip yourself
into pieces to keep
others whole.

Sometimes I cannot say sorry. I am both a woman and a force of nature. Have you ever seen a hurricane apologize

I understand I can’t have you. But I want to know you’re in the world with me. Jennifer Echols,Forget You


I am not looking
for the kind of love,
that forces me to prove
my worth Mandeq Ahme


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I don’t know why we all hang on to something we know we’re better off letting go of. It’s like we’re scared to lose what we don’t even really have. Some of us say we’d rather have something than absolutely nothing, but the truth is, to have it halfway is harder than not having it at all. Meredith Grey 

You do not get to choose
when to have me; you 
cannot turn me off like too
loud music. Please don’t 
teach me that I’m the kind
of person you need a break
from. Love me all the time 
or not at all because I’m too
fragile to be left on pause.










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highest of all compliments omg

I want to be this girl





I should have told you everything while you were listening.

"Still My Soul Reaches Out To You" 6/24/14


“You taught me that ‘forever’ was not long at all.”

4/25/14 "I Could’ve Been Changed With One Word"




2/25/14 "An empty echo, a hurting heart."

The End (365/365)

My Bleeding Heart (352/365)

“I missed summer so I went swimming in your eyes.”


You were
fucking me
touching me;
How could I not fall for that?

It’s easier to open my legs to you than my heart.



I didn’t say “I love you” to hear it back. I said it to make sure you knew.

Be with her because you actually want to be with her, because you actually see a potential future with her, not because you are used to being with her, not because you’re scared of the thought that being without them will ruin you. The point of being in a relationship is to enjoy each other’s company, is to be there to support each other when they need it most. No one person, defines who you are. They only compliment you.


Angelina Jolie in “Untamed Heart” for Elle US, June 2014
Photographed by: Heidi Slimane 


probably the reason i have no friends 


lol krook

You dont go to a bitch like Rihanna, when you got a beautiful intelligence like Angelina Jolie. 

I ruined it before you could.

I’m sorry I gave you everything I had without making sure you wanted it.

Stop running after the waves. Let the sea come to you.

I don’t broadcast every high & I don’t hide every low. I’m trying to live. I’m not trying to convince the world I have life.

My smile disappeared the day you did.


I wish I could forget everything you said to me.

Age shouldn’t affect you. You’re either marvelous or you’re boring, regardless of your age.



Let me be your:
7am morning fuck before you go to work
Midday text, letting you know that you’re on my mind
5pm cuddle after a long days work
11pm rough fuck as i pound away the frustrations of your day
2am soft whisper in your ear, as i tell you “i love you

Your eyes are as blue as the ocean and baby im lost at sea

Honestly ignoring me is the worst thing you can do to me.

if you lose yourself i will find you


ya ok





late night talks with you make me feel better :)

I love you.

Omg I follow both of your perfect blogs and you two are sooo cute! Im shipping you x1000!

Internet relationship goal

my motto is “if it takes more than 5 minutes to cook i’d rather starve




Who’s your favorite book character?

Good luck to everyone with exams, especially the ones who are reading this now instead of revising




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