If you judge people, you have no time to love them.// good communication isn't based on how much you talk to someone, but how well you connect with them.// do what makes you happy with those that make you happy. // it makes my heart warm to see people in love, it makes my heart even warmer to see love in people. // find art in yourself, be your own muse. // never to settle. there is more out there. more oceans to swim in, more clouds to sleep in, more energy and vibrations to feel.

"The red of my lips
and the leather on my jacket
keep me in one piece
while you’re out kissing other girls
trying to keep yourself together."

"But the thing is,“ She begins, “I don’t know what’s more beautiful; the stars in your eyes, or the words I’ve written about them."

happiness is more of a choice than it is an emotion. it’s how you are not how you feel.

What hurts you today, makes you stronger tomorrow.

remember that most people wont appreciate the light until its out

The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.

"Jeśli nie mogę wejść do Ciebie drzwiami, to może spróbuję oknem? Może jest inny sposób, którym do Ciebie dotrę?"

"W życiu jest jak w matematyce. Jeśli idzie zbyt łatwo, to prawdopodobnie coś robisz źle"

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The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.

Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations

Conquer the angry one by not getting angry; conquer the wicked by goodness; conquer the stingy by generosity, and the liar by speaking the truth.

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.

I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one’s self-respect.

“Life is too short to be around and consumed by negative vibes

im either obsessing over business endeavors or obsessing over love. There’s no in between. If you know me, you know that.

if you told me a month ago that my life would change the way that it has. that I would make the choices that I’ve made, I would never believe you

I can’t stay mad at anyone. I just don’t care to

love shouldn’t be unconditional. It should be under the conditions that you are treated in a way that makes you happy. If that’s not the case, walk away.

keeping your achievements and blessings private is the best way to go about life because the evil eye is real and some people don’t want to hear/see that you’re doing better than them.

choose a partner who is good for you. not good for your parents. not good for your image. not good for your bank account. choose someone who’s going to make your life emotionally fulfilling.



When is the last time you had an opinion but didn’t share it with anyone because you didn’t think anyone would care? When is the last time you got really excited about an idea you had but then never pursued it because you decided it wasn’t good enough? When is the last time you started to make something but gave up before you finished because you didn’t think anyone would like it?
You’ll read a lot of articles that tell you to “just do it,” – don’t worry what others will think, keep going, keep persevering, don’t give up!
But if you don’t take yourself seriously you’ll never be able to take any of that advice. Because you’ll always be able to convince yourself that what you’re doing isn’t important enough.
I didn’t take myself seriously for a long time. I still struggle with taking myself seriously. I couldn’t even put a finger on what it was I was doing to myself until about a year ago. But finally I realized there’s this thing some people have – this ability to get excited about something they’re doing and go for it with some sort of crazy abandon. This ability to remain focused and stand firm and get on top of a mountain and shout out what they want for all to hear (so to speak).And I knew I had the ability to climb up a mountain and do the same thing, but I would always talk myself out of it. And I finally realized it was because I just didn’t take myself seriously.
Why am I writing this? This is stupid. This is repetitive. Hasn’t someone else said this before but better? Do I even know what I’m trying to say? No one is going to read this. I should go work on something else. This is a waste of time.
Those were my thoughts almost every time I tried to create something new. I didn’t take my own opinions, my ideas or even what I wanted for my life seriously.
So what happens when you don’t take yourself seriously?
You spend a lot of time dreaming but not actually doing. You come up with ideas but you stop yourself before you even try.Or you do try something but you give up quickly because you decide it’s not good enough, no one will like it, and it was a stupid idea anyway.
But the worst part happens ten years later when you look back on that thing youalmost started and you realize there was something there. It wasn’t half as bad as what you thought at the time and you might have really accomplished something if you’d only stuck with it.
What happens when you don’t take yourself seriously?
You end up living a life you aren’t all that proud of. You keep waiting to do that thing that you’re passionate about, you keep waiting to do that thing that’s going to make you feel successful. You fill up your time with a bunch of things you think you have to do, but nothing you really want to do. You work hard and you do a good job but you also feel trapped inside yourself, putting on a show that someone else is directing.
And the worst part happens ten years later when you’ve lost touch with who you really are, and you can no longer tell the difference between what you want and what other people want from you.
What happens when you don’t take yourself seriously?
You’ll eventually see someone else who had the same idea you had, but she shared it with the world, she did something with it.But it was the exact same idea!” you say. Yes, it was – but that person took it seriously. That person said, “this is interesting to me, so it could be interesting to someone else,” and they did something with it.
What happens when you don’t take yourself seriously?
You resent people who do. You look at people who promote themselves and their ideas and you think they’re egotistical or ridiculous. Or you look at people who you admire and you lament the fact that you could never ever accomplish what they have.
What happens when you don’t take yourself seriously?
You sabotage yourself. You rush through a half-hearted execution and don’t give yourself the time you need to learn something new, or do it the right way. And when it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted you decide it was a total waste of time. But you might have had a totally different outcome if you’d first accepted the fact that it might take time but that the time would be worth it because you believed in it.
What happens when you don’t take yourself seriously?
You get depressed. You get angry at yourself. You get disappointed in yourself. You wonder why you haven’t done anything. You feel like you never will. You feel like it’s too late. But it’s not.
Every piece of every tiny little thing you’ve ever thought is filled with possibilities. You don’t know what. And that’s scary. You might not yet know how. And that’s hard. But when you take yourself seriously, you give yourself enough credit to know that you can figure it out. When you know in your heart that you and your ideas are important, you will give every idea you have a fighting chance.
That might mean speaking up at work. Or it might mean just finishing that one thing you’ve been thinking about forever. Or it might mean tweeting about it, making a video or blog post about it, or getting on a stage and sharing it with an audience.
When you take yourself seriously you will make others take you seriously. You will put your ideas out there. You won’t hide them. You won’t delete them. You will keep trying.
Take yourself seriously.
Don’t treat your ideas like they’re nothing, don’t treat yourself like you’re nothing, because you and your ideas are important and meaningful and have the potential to become so much more than you realize.
Sarah Cooper is a writer, comedian and creator of TheCooperReview.com. You can follow her daily posts on Facebook.
Horror Stories


Worst Memory
Why do we always talk about how much we want to go to the gym and then never do? The answer: exercise. Like many of you, I was holding on to the false belief that I had to actually work out at the gym to feel good about myself.
But it’s not true. There are great ways to reap all the rewards of feeling like you worked out, without any of the benefits of actually exercising.
#1 Sleep in your gym clothes
Getting to the gym is hard. Reduce the morning friction by sleeping in your gym clothes. When you wake up, this is one less thing to do.
Pro tip: If you’re always wearing gym clothes, you always feel like you’re working out.Tweet: Pro tip: If you’re always wearing gym clothes, you always feel like you're working out. http://ctt.ec/4Dhk9+ via @sarahcpr
If you end up not leaving your house, spending all day on the couch in your gym clothes is great alternative to working out at the gym. And you get a head start on the next day, too. Either way, you always feel like you worked out.
How to Feel Like You Worked Out at the Gym: #2 Warm up with a glass of wine
#2 Warm up with a glass of wine
It’s a little known fact that alcohol makes everything easier, especially when it comes to feeling like you worked out.
The benefits of having a glass of wine before heading to the gym can’t be overstated:
  1. You exude confidence, intimidating everyone around you
  2. You don’t even notice you’re using that machine backwards
  3. In fact, you think you may have invented a new technique
  4. The time just melts away and suddenly you’ve spent 3 hours at the gym (passed out in the locker room)
  5. You won’t remember if you worked out or not, so you can assume you did
How to Feel Like You Worked Out at the Gym: #4 Stretch and Sauna
Spend the first 10 minutes of your workout stretching on a mat. Stretching is just like yoga but with more napping. Tweet: Stretching is just like yoga but with more napping. http://ctt.ec/Uc6LS+ via @sarahcpr
Pro tip: Occasionally tweet about how important stretching is, and how great your stretch was.
Spend the last 50 minutes in the sauna, working up a decent sweat while not moving at all. It’s the perfect way to feel the burn without burning anything.

How to Feel Like You Worked Out at the Gym: #5 Wait for machines
#5 Wait for machines
If you see a machine that someone’s using, go over and wait for it. Ask the person how long they’ll be. If they say they’ll only be a few minutes, tell them you can’t wait. Then, go wait for another machine.
Pro tip: Waiting for exercise machines is a great way to feel like you’re working out at the gym.
If you do end up sitting at a machine, spend 5 minutes adjusting it. Then walk away.
If you end up on a treadmill, pretend it’s broken. Then walk away.

How to Feel Like You Worked Out at the Gym: #8 Look like you're keeping track of something

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On the shore, Carmen Kass wears Calvin Klein Collection dress with Rosantica jewelry

Clara Alonso wears Zana Bayne bustier while lounging in a tub

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Giving major hair envy, the blonde model wears her hair in voluminous waves
the only way you can sit and talk for hours with a beautiful individual is if their mind is just as beautiful, remember that.

be the energy you wish to receive from others.

you won't make everyone happy while doing what's best for you— and that's okay.
you don't always get what you give— giving isn't about doing strictly to get something back in return.
sometimes you just have to hit the delete button on people.
speak your reality into existence.
the universe has a way of sending you what you need when you need it.
remember, happiness is an inside job.
don't waste energy feeling bad for situations you have to move on from.
summers in poznan are underestimated <3
love doesn't fade away. the dynamic of love just changes.
take care of those who take care of you.
be thankful, be appreciative.
your reality is what you make it.
silence over forced conversations, any day.
too far to touch you, but close enough to feel you.
what you're not willing to accept prevents you from growing.
reminder: what's for you will always be and what isn't meant for you won't be.
there are really only two options to most things in life, they're different forms of yes or no.
and what i loved most, she had so much soul.
work to have it, work harder to keep it.
having the right mindset takes you everywhere you need to be.
it's always a matter of when and not a matter of if for me.
you've reached an entirely new level of inner peace when you can wish someone the best even when you know that's not what they want for you.
sometimes, you have to lose others to find yourself.
ironically enough, they start paying more attention once you stop giving it.
appreciate me while i'm here, not when i'm gone.
the effort they give you will always show how important you are to them.
true happiness is in being thankful and appreciative, happiness comes in different forms and sizes.
surround yourself with people that motivate and challenge you to be better.
the things most people give attention to are things that don't even cross my mind.
it's not that i don't care for a lot it's just that i know a lot isn't worth caring for.
most people don't change, the way you look at them does.
be a vibe that’s irreplaceable.
stop letting good people down.
outgrowing people is bittersweet, more sweet than bitter though.
small thoughtful gestures make the biggest difference.
you won't be a priority if i'm only an option.
if the person you're with isn't your biggest supporter, leave them alone.
again, patience isn't about waiting. it's about how you act when waiting is the only thing to do.
no one compares to you, you're incomparable.
ironically we talked about the future and now you're just a part of the past.
we were physically close to each other, but mentally further than ever.
you're someone that's worth waiting for, but i can't afford to wait.
there's nothing doper than a beautiful mind.
you not recognizing my worth doesn't make me any less worthy.
you can always tell who doesn't love hard, they're usually loving someone different very quick.
loving hard is the only way to love. it feels right.
you won't ever have to force, beg, convince or compete for anything that's rightfully yours.
talk to me dirty or don't talk to me at all.
everyone won't appreciate you, it's about those that do.
some of you just have to make a few more mistakes and learn a little more before you realize certain things.
you either learn from your mistakes or repeat them.
the reality of you was once better than my idea of you.
there's no in between, it's love or it's war.

i love hard, i'm probably gonna love you unconditionally in a way you've never been loved before. that's too much for some.
put more focus and effort into making things work rather than giving up so easy and starting something else.

how you carry yourself when you're not in the presence of the person you're with says more about you than the way you do while together.
it's about those who make time when everyone else makes excuses.
wanting you in more ways than i can have you.
if you're doing wrong, remove yourself from the people you care about before you hurt them.
old endings just mean new beginnings.
keep your circle small, filled with love and people who match your effort.
perfect isn't real. you will only complicate your journey planting seeds in the belief that it is.
be more gentle with yourself. you're still learning, you're still searching for yourself in everything, you're still human.
i trust the night more than i trust the day.
stop drowning yourself so others can swim.
give your heart to more real things.
let go of: negative energy. negative emotions. negative people.

she was promised the world. a million broken promises later, she gave it to herself.
self love: like a tree, you will experience high winds and hard rains. but. know that you are built for it. give your storms names. become.

spread more love. inspire more action. take more risks. absorb more knowledge. trust more internally. make more progress. appreciate more.

pain has taught me to appreciate the things that don't hurt.
the right vibes. the right people. the right focus. the right investments. the right belief in yourself.

create love, keep love.
read more books. watch more films. write more honestly. learn more languages. study more greats. listen more closely. think more freely.
beauty is individual. beauty is multi-dimensional. beauty is evolving. beauty is everywhere. beauty is yours to create. you, are beautiful.
resolve your internal conflict before you start a war in someone else's heart.
she missed the way words felt from people who meant them.
you're too brilliant to be wrapped up in the wrong energies.
find the beauty in you before you search for it in other places.
prioritize space: space to breathe. space to reset. space to create. space to think. space to feel. space to heal. space to expand.

embody your journey. embody your truths. embody your intentions. embody your love. embody your peace. embody your growth.
don't give up. work hard, harvest the right energy in your life, appreciate each blessing, and the right opportunities will come your way.
dream. plan. execute.
art heals. art builds bridges. art teaches. art grows us. art keeps us honest. art connects us. art introduces us to ourselves. art saves.
never minimize your story, even if it cramps their hands to carry your book.
the art of giving your energy to the right things.
dream hard. focus hard. work hard. love hard.
do you remember how free you were before you chained your heart to empty promises?
make real progress and spread real love more than you romanticize the new year.
you can find home in: a song. a film. a poem. a painting. a scent. a memory. a season. a sunset. a moon phase. a hug. a kiss.

don't allow your heart to grow ice cold letting go of the things you couldn't save in the fire.
the way passion is set up, you have to do things simply because you love doing them and not for superficial reasons.
it doesn't matter how "real" you are with others if you aren't being real with yourself.
inspire self love. we need to be more patient with ourselves, more tender with ourselves, more accepting of ourselves.
forward. forward. forward.
the art of distancing yourself from noise to explore yourself in silence— mapping each beat. these are the travel diaries i live to read.
your past is simply one or more chapters of your story, not the binding that makes the book.
prioritize. minimize distractions. protect your space. don't apologize.
don't forget to give the gifts of: patience. understanding. listening. mindfulness. acceptance. forgiveness. kindness. love. light.

make more time for pause. integrate balance where there is none. reset, breathe. don't be afraid to disconnect. your peace is worth it.
live your art.
meet yourself where you lost yourself.
if you love someone, remind them. show them. while you have the chance.
stay productive. stay positive. stay sound. stay full. stay open. stay connected. stay authentic.
much peace to those who don't take themselves for granted. you're worth too much to sell yourself cheap.
she was a river of haunted memories and fleeting loves.
the art of being inspired by the unknown.
the beautiful thing about pain is it's one of the most prominent art materials. create a masterpiece with it, let it show you, grow you.
love consciously. love fearlessly. love freely. love completely.
don't define me only by the parts of me you understand. don't define me at all. get to know me. learn my soul's speech.
the art of making things happen for yourself: teaching yourself, doing it yourself, trusting yourself, believing in yourself.
we weren't reaching for anything in particular, just something tame enough to bend to our frame but bigger than us.
she drowned in the same person who taught her to swim.
make peace with the pieces you have found, the pieces you have yet to find, and the pieces you'll never get back.
stay up and create.
don't wait around for the person who is waiting for you to be something you aren't meant to be - wrong arms.
she wasn't hard to love but she was easy to leave.
start somewhere. just, start.
what's real > what's safe.
abandon the same places that leave you empty.
don't settle for cheap imitations of love. if someone doesn't see the gold buried in the depths of your mind and soul, someone else will.
love is all about balance. learning to give, but equally knowing your worth enough to know when to receive.
it's never too late to fall in love with yourself again.
don't compare your creativity to anyone else, don't compare your growth to anyone else. don't diminish your authenticity by comparison.
some will recognize your shine, and others will choose to ignore it. it's worth remembering that your glow isn't for everyone.
the woman that remains memorable, will always be the woman that feeds your soul, rather than the woman that tempts the eyes.
don't deny yourself a beautiful future by continuing to open dark doors to the past. leave the door locked, throw the key away, keep moving.
always choose love, hate is so common.
when you find yourself competing for someone's love, that person is not for you. connections should flow, connections should give you peace.
don't change your love for anyone. your love will always be accepted by those who understand beautiful things.
Stop chasing people that don't want to be caught.

the most beautiful things are worth being patient for.
let love find you. don't force connections into existence because of loneliness. work on yourself in the time being, but let love find you.
not everything is meant to be understood, not everything is meant to be explained.
communication is only as good as what your mind is being fed. small talk doesnt fulfill, but a deep conversation with a beautiful mind will.
if you have to force something into existence, it's not for you.
when situations appear and people start being removed from your space, the universe is rearranging your life for something beautiful. trust.
be wary of who you let occupy your mind. some have the ability to decorate your space, others have a way of destroying it.
love dies when you don't water it.
appreciate the woman who has gone through trials, appreciate the woman who is a hopeless romantic, appreciate her capacity to love.
i hope you find your wings again, and find the courage to get away from those that don't love you the way you deserve to be loved.
homes are not always buildings, places, countries. sometimes homes are people, with locked doors and fences to stop anyone from coming in.
heard you were searching for home, but my gates have been closed lately.
sometimes it's the silence you need to be paying attention to, and the words you need to be ignoring.
there is life after failed connections, there is love after failed connections. it's not the end, but just the beginning of something new.
every woman has chapters in her soul that she lets few read, deep oceans that she lets few swim in, hidden mazes that only few have escaped.
never lose yourself trying to find someone else. who's for you, will be for you. what's for you, will be for you. let everything else go.
the same ones who crave her, are the same ones who don't know how to treat her.
don't let loneliness force you into premature connections. work on yourself, be comfortable alone, wait for what you deserve.
love yourself enough to walk away from people who run to you as a backup option when they're not getting warmth from somewhere else.
so many things in this life are illusions. when you find something genuine, do your best to hold on to it.

everyone isn't meant to journey with you, pack light.
ou shouldn't have to convince anyone to do anything they should be doing on their own— if they want to, they will.
effort is a matter of want— if someone isn't doing something well enough it's because they don't want to.
Daaaamn, KURDE, nie wierzę! Zawsze mam szaloną ochotę, żeby odpisać od razu po odczytaniu wiadomości, ale akurat jestem gdzieś w biegu i myślę sobie 'odpiszę jak wrócę", a później szlag to bierze. Przepraszam - który to już raz? :( Musimy się kiedyś spotkać i za karę zrzucisz mnie z motoru... Ładna bestia swoją drogą. Robi wrażenie. No i przyznaj się, mały przestępco drogowy, jak to zrobiłeś, że dotarłeś w dwie godziny do Wawy? :o Ile km na godzinę? Jaką trasą? Mega szacun :o
Co w ogóle ciekawego w niej robiłeś? :D
A co do dziewczyny - co Ty, właściwie to brzmi bardzo racjonalnie i nawet chyba Cię rozumiem. Różnice są intrygujące na początku, potem bardziej docenia się podobieństwa. I tak już chyba na dłuższą metę zostaje - różnice przestają fascynować i często zaczynają irytować, a to już bardzo niezdrowe i niefajne :< Skoro czułeś, że to nie to - hmm, czasami ten mały głosik z okolic żołądka ma rację. W sumie szkoda, bo super razem wyglądaliście - i po zdjęciach zgaduję, że naprawdę mega mooocno Cię kochała. No ale tego kwiatu jest pół światu - nie warto przystawać na coś, co nie pasuje nam w stu procentach, bo gdzieś czai się ktoś, z kim będzie idealnie. Ludzie są zbyt leniwi, żeby szukać, ale jednak warto :D No i gdybyście już razem mieszkali, w mieszkaniu kupionym przez jej rodziców to już na pewno nie mógłbyś wycofać się z tego związku bez konsekwencji i wtedy zraniłbyś ją też kilka razy mocniej :( Btw, co jej powiedziałeś, po tak dlugim czasie? Rozegrałeś to jakoś pokojowo, czy była mocno zła? Podałeś jej prawdziwy powód, czy coś innego?
Z szalonych rzeczy z mojego życia - za 3 dni jadę na trzydniowe 'wakacje' z facetem, którego znam miesiąc. Nie widzialam w tym NIC szalonego, dopóki znajomi nie zaczęli mnie pytać czy to dobry pomysł i czy nie powinnam tego przemyśleć i czy nie mogę tego odwołać, bo to zbyt spontaniczne.. No ale nie mogę. Także trzymaj kciuki, żebym wróciła w jednym kawałku 
Mam wokół siebie ziomków, którzy piszą do mnie tylko po to, żeby powiedzieć 'dobranoc', zapytać jak dzien, jak moja alergia, jak nowe sesje. A spotykam się (tak jakoś przypadkowo to wyszło - chciałam się odciąć od facetów, ale pech chciał, że wyszło inaczej...) z takim, który potrafi milczeć dwa dni, o NIC nie zapytać i podczas rozmowy co moment znikać z messengera. Czasami jest naprawdę super, a często bardzo źle. A przecież żeby było przyjemnie powinno być stabilnie - a nasze amplitudy są naprawdę ogromne. Niektóre meetingi są idealne - czuję, że mu się podobam, jest chemia, jest pożądanie, jest super, a czasami (w sumie to w proporcji 1:2) jest tak, że więcej 'czułości' wymieniam  z 70letnim sąsiadem, kiedy życzy mi rano przy płocie dobrego dnia xD Na niektórych spotkaniach mnie dotyka, całuje, wykonuje jakieś gesty, a na niektórych NIC. Serio, NIC, zupełnie NIC.  I nie wiem na czym stoję, bo nie potrafię rozgryźć od czego to zależy. I czy to po prostu nie jest tak, że on sam nie wie czego chce - bo są dni, kiedy przed pójsciem spać życzy mi dobrej nocy i rozmawiamy do późna (tak było na początku), a są dni (teraz już coraz częściej i częściej), kiedy jest do nocy online, a odpisuje dopiero rano. Kiedys spotykałam się 7 miesięcy z facetem, który "zapomniał" powiedzieć mi o tym, że ma dziewczynę. Teraz mam chyba jakąś traumę, bo zawsze mam wrażenie, że jestem tą drugą. ZAWSZE. I w sumie dlatego odechciewa mi się angażowania w cokolwiek, bo nie zniosłabym drugi raz bycia 'tą drugą' i podświadomie wycofuję się z każdej znajomości, która obiecująco się zaczyna. A teraz znowu włącza mi się światełko z ostrzeżeniem "Kasia, wycofuj się, bo na 80% nie jesteś jedyną, z którą się umawia". Bo chłopak w sumie nie wariuje na moim punkcie  i te mieszane sygnały mnie równocześnie cholernie nakręcają, ale i BARDZO ostudzają :o Niby to ze mną jedzie na urlop. Niby to mnie o to zapytał. Ale nie jest tak, jak powinno być i mamy taki słaby i rzadki kontakt :( Chociaż może nie wszyscy potrzebują codziennego kontaktu? Może introwertycy mają inaczej? Dziwny jest ten świat xD 
Też tak masz, że po zakończeniu tego, co długo trwało masz awersję do początków i nie chce Ci się niczego zaczynać? Nie masz czasami ochoty, żeby wrócić do swojej byłej dziewczyny - tylko dlatego, że z nią bylo stabilnie i bezpiecznie, wiedziałeś czego się spodziewać, jak się zachowa, jak będzie jak się spotkacie, co będziecie robili..? Czy jednak chęć poznania kogoś, kto jest do Ciebie bardziej podobny, kogoś z kim będzie Ci jeszcze lepiej przeważa? W ogóle jak to było - kiedy z nią byłeś, to często myślałeś o tym, że jesteście zbyt różni i że Ci to przeszkadza, czy tylko w jakichś konkretnych sytuacjach to odczuwałeś? 
W ogóle jak tam sprawy na horyzoncie - poznałeś kogoś ciekawego? ^^ Wściekasz się na Tindera jak większość ludzi, czy wręcz przeciwnie? No i jak łowy na Zaadoptuj? Musisz mi zdawać relację, bo trochę mi brakuje tych apek 
Damn, ta wiadomość miała być krótką i treściwą odpowiedzią, a wyszedł esej, jak zawsze Teraz możesz się zemścić i też nie odpisywać mi przez sto lat, ale dont do that, bo to baaardzo zły pomysł 
Karma mnie ukarze, Ty nie musisz ^^