life is so subtle sometimes that you barely notice yourself walking through the doors you once prayed would open.

Take all the bitterness inside you and turn it into growth. Show the people who hurt you how you turned the pain into beauty despite their betrayed oaths

Please, keep looking. Not for a person, but for your passion, your love, your courage, your goals, your dreams, your happiness, yourself. Keep looking. Explore yourself before you explore another. Know your worth, know yourself. Only then will you know what you need over what you want. You need yourself to become your own.

Your eyes are open,
but are they truly?

If given the chance, would you ask for more money or more time?

Find someone else?
No. Focus on finding yourself first.

If you could take one person by the hand and go on an adventure around the entire world, who would you take with you

Don’t take things so seriously to the point where you’ve lost all enjoyment for the things you used to love. Life is so short; you must allow yourself to feel

Take your dreams and plant them in the loveliest of soils. Water them, nurture them, and feed them your attention each and every day. As time goes by, watch them grow. Notice how they blossom in the most magnificent ways. These dreams are yours, and will grow to be just right. All that is needed is time, attention, and an undying love as to nourish.

Collect moments, not things.

Love people, not material.

Cherish memories, not possessions


Paint storage + antique desk + easel ❤️

 Berta Bernad for L'Officiel MEX

  Candela Novembre for

28 Quotes To Keep You Motivated Now That The First Week Of January Is Over

  1. You are better than unicorns and sprinkles combined ★ Find more Inspirational Quotes for your #iPhone + #Android @prettywallpaper
Colorful dining room. Purple table. Wood. Map.

Tattoo by Victor Zabuga

tattooed guy


Kim Michey - artnau | artnau

My plans? I don't know. What I'm looking for? I don't know. Is it hard? No. My only mantra is "Keep your mind open, keep your heart open, don't expect any and stay playful."

Want more time. To be lazy in bed, eat in bed, to watch a movie in bed, just doing nothing at all. At least one day like that. Simply lazy

What a beautiful season. What a magic. So many shades of gold

I want to practice kindness. I want to learn softness. I want to be strong, keep my foot down, but also, be warm and welcoming to people and loving all the same. Is this even a possible combination, or should I just pick one or the other?

pretty eats


Na czym polega profesjonalizm?
Wydaje mi się, że na tym, że dobrze wiesz dlaczego robisz tak, a nie inaczej. (wielmożny igor)

I’m just an almond milk girl in a cow milk world

If someone listens to all of your ranting, checks up on you consistently to make sure you’re well, and genuinely cares about you, make sure you don’t neglect basic decency and never ask how they are doing, as well. People will grow incredibly tired of you if you only ever talk about yourself, never caring to ask about their wellbeing.

"I want to make my own life a masterpiece."To whom do you owe your most impassioned apology? For me, I owe my body and my heart so many sorries and thank yous.

To love, and be loved back, is breathtaking

it’s never too late for cereal or too cold for ice-cream

If the person you’re talking to or dating, doesn’t recognize how truly special you are, and makes little effort to take care of you emotionally, know your worth and move forward without them. You deserve so much more.

She won’t be like you expect. She’ll be sarcastic, she’ll leave her dirty socks on the bed, but she’ll make the best macaroni and cheese you’ve ever had. She will hog the blankets, put her freezing cold toes on you, and fall asleep during your favorite movies. But, my God, will you love her. She’ll consume your thoughts, make every night peaceful, and make every morning feel like new again. Your worst days will be tolerable, all because of her.

Care for yourself enough to make time for what it is that you love doing. If one constantly does what is harmful, saddening, or simply draining of their energy, then in a sense, one is neglecting them self. Do not be the one to do this; instead, show yourself love. Unconditional love.

Take a moment, right now, and grab a pen and paper. Write down all of the good decisions that you’ve made, and think about how that has moulded you into who you are today. It’s amazing, and you’re amazing. Your hard work has paid off in ways you may be unable to notice, for there is not much to compare it to. You just have to have faith. Choose to see the good things in your life, for those too will not be here forever.

It always rains the hardest 
on the people who deserve 
the sun

It’s better this way. A little lonelier but better.

we could sit in a car for 2 hours and talk about life, and that’s a date right there

I will probably be the most clingy/annoying wife ever but i will love you so fuckin much

i want someone who i can travel the world and see every kind of sunset with

share your soul with me

do u ever wanna take a nap but the nap doesn’t wanna take u

it’s amazing when ur humor is exactly the same as someone elses & u both just spend the whole day laughing at everything u both say 

may the ones I love live long, so I can celebrate my tiny successes with them

People who limit breakfast food to the morning hours are people you don’t need in your life.

You’ve got mail ✉️ new in, @isabelmarant fall/winter #IsabelMarant #NYFW17

Running around today in preparation for NYFW ✨ so exciting, feeling so lucky 🥂

About last night…🥂 wearing YSL heels and For Love & Lemons dress

Missing Paris so much it makes my heart hurt a little 🥀✨ @realisationpar

Kisses wishing you all a beautiful day 🌟 wearing Reformation

Art 🥂 20 things I learned as I turned 20 is up on, thanks for all your lovely comments about it ✨ wearing @ayr and @shoplesfemmes

I find the concept of growing in love so much prettier than love at first sight?? like one day you look at someone and you suddenly realize you see them in a different light than you did the night before. that’s falling.

reminder that Winnie the Pooh wore a crop top and ate his fave food and loved himself and u can too

All I wanna do with my life is to travel and eat good food while laying on beautiful beaches with the love of my life.

you’re working in a field you genuinely enjoy. you have supportive, loving friends. you follow your passions, you’re fluent in your target languages. the 12 new books you ordered will arrive soon. your flat is cozy, decorated with plants and fairy lights. you’re happy. this might seem like some fantasty, but i know this will happen. i believe in you, and you should as well.

cherish the quiet, little moments. reading your book in your bed with a cosy blanket. noticing the colors of the sky. watching the rain outside through your window. closing your eyes and just taking a breath. the sun shining on your skin. the small smiles and eyes lightning up.

why am i not currently in the italian countryside with a fruit plate wearing a light linen dress? unacceptable

Feeling like the luckiest birthday girl in the world 🌟 thank you for all of your messages and sweet wishes!
Every other freckle.

Sunday ☕️ ballet flats, straw basket, and baby’s breath

Taking it back to version 2 of this photo where a french man laughed at us for taking this & my ginormous trench coat that kept us warm ✨🌹

Dress made by @harpeparis 🍒
If someone listens to all of your ranting, checks up on you consistently to make sure you’re well, and genuinely cares about you, make sure you don’t neglect basic decency and never ask how they are doing, as well. People will grow incredibly tired of you if you only ever talk about yourself, never caring to ask about their wellbeing.

Nothing makes a day brighter than self-improvement and self-love

I love being loved. Receiving love, giving love, being affectionate, cuddling, sending good morning texts and staying up late on the phone giggling about nothing. I love to be loved.

It’s not even about the price tag or fancy hotels and expensive trips. It’s about seeing her face light up when you say, “we’re taking a road trip.” It’s about planning to visit cute little cafes, matching t shirts and converse, and taking selfies together. Find a partner who wants to make memories with you. Adventure together.

I just want to protect your heart forever, worship your body, be unstoppable together, go on cute dates like little kids, and drink coffee together as we adventure around the world.

i cannot wait to have a boyfriend to watch movies and cuddle up with every single night

Stop falling for ain’t-shit people on dating apps or Tumblr who talk a big game but are clearly problematic. We’ve all been ghosted, and I promise you that it’s NOT reflective of your worth. They’re emotionally immature and they don’t deserve you. I don’t care how popular, charming, or attractive they are. You deserve better, and their actions don’t define your self worth or attractiveness.

i want to be good. and do good. and be nice to people. and make people happy. and have good and healthy relationships with people. i want to learn to forgive and i want to understand other people. i want to be loved and adored and i want to love and adore

It’s crazy, you work and work and work with zero recognition, you’re not paid what you’re worth, but your days are relatively less deadline-oriented. Then you finally get the responsibility and the position you’ve worked so long for, and immediately everything falls on your desk, everyone comes to you for help, everyone needs everything from you!

i just wanna move out n live w the love of my life and make them breakfast every morning and we can dance around in our shitty little apartment to our favourite songs and kiss and fall more and more in love every day

This is it: this is your sign. You’re brand new, refreshed, empowered to change. Your calmer, softer times are coming. Your confidence, your happiness, your bliss, is arriving. Self acceptance is easier, and taking care of yourself is no longer a chore, but something you look forward to. You start to feel replenished - you’re *you* again - and the next chapter of your happier life begins now.

“Bear toast makes everything better, especially with tahini/cashew butter and chocolate tofu mousse!

You have so much value, talent, and potential that no one and no test could measure. You were meant to go out, live, grow, make mistakes, learn, and thrive.

I could really get used to coming home to you. Cooking for you, massaging your feet after work, cuddling before bed. Sunday brunch, taking our dog on roadtrips. I could really get used to you.

Stworzyliśmy miłosć, która nie miała żadnego znaczenia.

Love yourself. And if that means eating a huge bowl of pasta, buying yourself delicate lingerie, or writing weird, esoteric poetry– just do it. Do it for you


I think here I will leave you. It has come to seem
there is no perfect ending.
Indeed, there are infinite endings.
Or perhaps, once one begins,
there are only endings.

love is the most beautiful thing we have in this world. i am so so sorry if someone skewed your perception of it and i truly hope you can feel warmth again. i’m not just taking romantically either- start with yourself. take a bath, call somebody who makes you smile, bake something sweet, open your heart with yoga. don’t let negativity block your blessings.

I know nothing except that I’m waiting for you and that you never come.

following no diet, no trend, just finding out what is best for me and what makes me feel good. i really encourage you to learn how to listen to your body and be receptive to what fuels you the best! our relationship with food (with NUTRIENTS) doesn’t have to be warped or attached to a set of strict rules. personally, i function best with plenty of water, fresh fruits and veggies, fish and minimal processed sugars, fried foods, dairy and alcohol. do what works for you

We are a culture of people who’ve bought into the idea that if we stay busy enough, the truth of our lives won’t catch up with us.

Looove this cozy bed and this Parisian hotel ☕️🥐🌟

Coming soon…a photoshoot I did with my man photographed by the absolutely amazing @benjaminpatch 💛

Brooklyn last night…

Well you were a magazine, I was a plane jane
Just walking the sidewalks all covered in rain
Love to just get into one of your stories
Just me and all of my plane jane glory
Taken by @gabimulder ✨

Look at how shiny…I am obsessed!
@marvaatelier rings

Giant kisses to you guys for giving me so many lovely comments on my new fall lookbook 😘 if you haven’t watched yet it is linked in the corner of my blog! Inspired by a French girl (what else is new) lost in New York City in the fall 🍂🍁🤗

Wearing my new favorite dress from @christydawn 😍

Earrings by Luv Aj, so beautiful ✨ will have closeups up this weekend! X

Lays on bed for hours waiting for the boo to come back from Italy like

Saturday morning wearing beautiful @threads top ❤️

The best way to finish a wonderful book. 📖 🛁

for love & lemons @forloveandlemons
By @hannahleedavisphoto @haazyblues

Don’t ever glamorize being overworked and neglectful of self care. Remember: You can never be your best self, without being a rested self.

Don’t glamorize some ideal body; fall in love with the process. Don’t glamorize illness; support everyone you meet, because you don’t know what they’re going through. Stop comparing yourself to Instagram and Tumblr-famous fitness models; appreciate your working body for everything it does for you. Stop giving attention to past relationships and emotionally manipulative partners; start learning your worth. And stop glamorizing 12-hour + work days; make room, when possible, for self care.

The point isn’t to be perfect but to be yourself

I looked into his eyes and saw my future

Give me your sleepy kisses. Your legs intertwined with mine. Your head on my chest, fingers exploring my body. Give me all your dreams and vulnerability and know it’s safe in my heart.

I like that “good morning, princess” / “morning baby” kinda relationship. The no games, great communication, lots of sex, lots of kissing, lots of cuddling, lots of flirting, lots of being goofy kind of relationship. The kind that makes you want to run 100 miles, read books, clean up your bad habits kind of love

Play fights about nothing. Inside jokes. Our go-to restaurants and laughing about uptight old people at fancy restaurants. Drinking at bars we can’t afford, and walking home together hand in hand under the moonlight. Eating too much sushi and rubbing each other’s tummies to feel better. Adopting doggos. When we disagree, there will be no yelling, but lots of make up kisses. This will be our life, and it’ll be full of love, simple and beautiful.

sorry i cant go out i have to cry in the bath

“this is margot, she’s a cat from my shelter and she got a tiny ear

The simple breakfast.

“this is margot, she’s a cat from my shelter and she got a tiny ear

You are limitless. You are unstoppable. Your job, your relationships or friendships, your grades, might not reflect your potential right now, but they will. You have the ability and the talent to succeed. You will, because you deserve it.

All that matters is that you begin again. Whether you take that to mean giving love another chance, or a tough, emotional night where studying seems impossible, or stop-start-stop-start on your run. All that matters is that you begin again.


More coming soon…. @hannahleedd photography ❤️

never let anyone make you feel bad for outgrowing them. never make toxic, stagnant people make you feel bad for choosing not to rot w them

Have fun, even if it’s not the same kind of fun everyone else is having

Not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and long-lasting. Sometimes people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little while, or to just be someone to walk with at night and spill your life to. Not everyone is going to stay forever, and we still have to keep on going and thank them for what they’ve given us.

You could have 10 decades, 10 years, or 10 days to live; if one does not learn to recognize the beauty of a single moment, then none of it matters

tiny little turn ons:
   - people leaning against walls with one shoulder while they talk
   - catching somebody turning away smiling at a joke you made
   - people who linger on a hug for just a second after you let go
   - somebody glancing at your lips while you’re talking

remember to try and see good things from the bad, and allow them to help you learn. there is no moving forward with continuously turning back.

1. I realized my worth. It was so hard because it meant letting go of those who didn’t. And those were the people that I loved. It hurt so bad. When the ropes that tied them to me were cut, I got cut too. I bled. It hurt. But then those wounds healed like they always do. And Now? I am free.
2. I started taking care of myself and that involved going back to the things I learned as a child. Brush your teeth. Take a shower. Sleep on time. Sleep enough. Drink loads of water. Walk. Let your skin shower in sunlight. I keep a habit tracker. It’s simple. It lets me be conscious of my daily needs and whether or not I am fulfilling them.
3. I learned that you don’t always have to respond. To what people say, to that person texting you after 8 months of complete silence, to negative comments, to accusations. It doesn’t make you a coward. Not in the least. What it really does is, is let you be at peace. But the hard part? I also learned that you don’t always have to respond to ‘I love you’ either.
4. I learned to not be extreme. Yes I don’t want to do anything with them. But do I need to burn their letters? Delete all pictures? Even when I’m not sure how that will make me feel in the long run? No. I learned to store it all away in a place I wouldn’t touch until I wanted to. It’s been a year. I haven’t once touched.
It works for all aspects of life. Had a bad day at work? Do you just yell and quit? No. Have 100 bad days at work where they don’t respect you but still continue to be silent and work? No any extreme isn’t good.
5. Food is important. So important. They just don’t say ‘you are what you eat’ to sound silly. Food is literally you putting something in yourself. You gotta be more mindful of what, when and how much you’re putting in. Don’t restrict yourself. But don’t not monitor yourself either.

"I like the feel of you. I like the noises you make. I love your faults. I love your voice. I love your truth. The world bores me to death (or rather my world does) – it bores me and irritates me when I’m away from you."

“Junot Díaz, This Is How You Lose Her

Quick reminder, especially for you younger undergrads: Discipline is a skill, not a character trait. And just like any skill, it can be practiced and improved upon incrementally. Try not to get discouraged if you have a day, or multiple days, where you are less disciplined than you would like or need to be. Don’t quit. Don’t spend the next week binging Netflix because you think it’s a hopeless endeavour. Just get up the next day and try again. Each day you try is more practice, and each day you practice, you’ll get a little bit better, and that continual improvement will pay dividends in the long run.
Keep at it.

I’m sorry but if love wasn’t the point why was it the first language we learned?

“An intimate relationship is not necessarily a physical relationship. Rather, it is a trusting, close friendship with another person in which one can be honest without fear of rejection.”

I hope something good happens to you today. no matter how small or simple it may seem to someone else, I hope something contents you from the bottom of your heart and makes your worries feel lighter

sometime in the near future you will wake up at 3AM beside the person you love most in the world; wearing next to nothing, you will touch their cheek and they will sleepily pull you closer. the sky will be pink and gold and reflecting onto your love’s bare back. you will feel safe and secure.


"You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free."I appreciate those people who are just genuinely nice. Like their mindset is instead of making others miserable, they give people tools to better themselves because why not. Thanks for putting that good energy out into the universefriendly advice to not revolve your life around one person, one feeling, one place, one memory, one problem. the complexity of life and the diversity of the world is beautiful and you have the right to explore it. do not settle for less. you deserve better.people who care about you will show you in the way they talk to you, the way they listen to you, and what they’re willing to do for you. in the same ways, those who don’t care about you will also make it clear. pay attention to the cues.

note to self: you are an intelligent woman. forgive yourself for all the times you were stupid and naive. you are a woman of heart. forgive yourself for the times you were soft when you should have been hard.

Fan Fun

Bite me…

All Saints. Reverie

Bring me water. Water for my mind.

Natural habitat

I am a priority
My spirit is a priority
My body is a priority
My time is a priority
My goals are a priority
My dreams are a priority
I matter
And the things I care about matter

bodies require food 
bodies require rest 
bodies require attention
bodies require patience

“Lettuce take a moment to appreciate that nothing beets a vegetable pun. Corny, I know. Peas, don’t tell me a tomato is a fruit because I simply do not carrot all.

Good morning, world!

Flower Power

- read at least a book a month
- list 5 things that make you happy every day
- create playlists for every mood 
- learn a new language through consistent practice every day
- research new topics that interest you, how about coding, music, or graphic design? 
- compliment people frequently!! 
- don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to someone new, it can be online as well
- try to notice the sky and the air and the flowers, pay attention to your surroundings 
- collect quotes that motivate you 
- and above all: stay hydrated!!

the girl of my dreams is just me but with more moneyI find the concept of growing in love so much prettier than love at first sight?? like one day you look at someone and you suddenly realize you see them in a different light than you did the night before. that’s falling.Somebody asked me if I was looking for something. I am looking for everything.

For all you babes, I made a list of my must have stuff to look the best you can go scam an SD
 Body- Lush Ro Argan. This stuff is the bomb. It’s a body conditioner that smells like roses and honey. Smear that good stuff all over you and let it sit for five minutes. Wash it off and your body will be soft and smooth, no other products needed. I’ve used this stuff for five years and every person that gets a whiff of it compliments me. Real talk. Ps guys go crazy for this scent, especially in the bed room downtown haha.JUST GET IT! You get a shower and body cream in one! 
Face Cream- Laneige Water Bank Cream. This shit makes my face look like it’s been kissed by an angel. So dewy and soft! I feel like I look much younger when I apply this because it hydrates so well. Perfect to use if you want something that traps the moisture in your face and is lightweight. I’ve noticed the dehydration wrinkles I had around my eyes and mouth have diminished. My makeup goes on like a dream after I apply this. 
 Face- Kojic acid soap. I use this soap for my uneven skin tone and acne spots. I barely wear foundation because it cleared up my clogged pores and hyperpigmenation. Dirt cheap off Amazon. Haven’t had a major breakout since I used this the past 3 years. 
 Perfume- Tom Ford private Collection comes in 12 scents. With mainstream brands, I feel like ALL WOMEN’s FRAGRANCES smell the same and give me a headache. Too sweet, floral, romantic, too much alcohol, etc.Now, this collection ain’t cheap, so, get a sample from your local department store. They give it to you in a cute vial and box and the sales associates are super knowledgeable about scents. THIS STUFF LASTS A LONG TIME! I wear the Tobacco Vanille all year round. Literally, this scent is my confident booster, I smell unique and luxurious! And the scent projects like a beast, so a 4 ML sample will last you cause all thats needed is a small dab for the day!  I used to buy decants off eBay to save £££ until I got me a SD to buy me the 100 ML hehe.
 Sunscreen- Elta SPF 40. This stuff is the best sunscreen on the market and all the dermatologists I’ve seen recommended it. No white cast and absorbs into skin fast, it’s also super moisturizing! 
 Hair- Bumble Bee Invisible Oil. If you have frizzy, dry, damaged, natural, thick hair, this SHIT IS THE BOMB. This is the only product that works on my hair when I wear it curly and straighten it. It does the job, smells great, and my hair looks so glossy and healthy….best of all it doesn’t weight my hair down or feel greasy. 
 Mascara- Lacome Hypnose is the only thing I use on my lashes in the past six years. I will NEVER STRAY from Lacome’s mascara products. It makes my eyes look amazing and it’s easy to take off at night. Don’t like the other brands like Benefit or Too Faced which are hard to remove at night.
 Makeup Remover- Clinique Take Off the Day Balm. Your makeup literally will melt off when you wash your face with this! I used so many different brands from wipes to oil to alcohol and none of them worked as well as this. 
 Lipstick- Nars Velvet Lip Pencil in Bahama is the best nude/rosy color out there for all girls IMO. I use the Train Bleu colour (quite vampy) when going out at night and always got compliments! Because it’s a jumbo pencil lippy, you can line your lips easily and fill it in! Lasts all night! Taylor Swift uses their Dragon Girl  shade as her signature red colour according to the makeup artist that showed me.! Best secret lippies around!
 Foundation- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is a game changer. My skin looks radiant, dewy, and natural which no other foundation has given me. Everyone raves about it and I wish I listened earlier and quit wasting my money at MAC and Estee Lauder.
Concealer- Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer- If you don’t like wearing foundation, this concealer is all you need then. It hides my dark eye circles and any redness on my face like a PRO. Comes with a wand so you don’t need to use anything else when applying it!

youre meant to take up space this year. meant to find out about your potential. meant to share that with the rest of us. stand strong in that. notice who stands with you. move towards people that keep you in check and and make you feel well loved. theres no need for undeserved compliments but there is a great need for unrestrained love

Find someone you can watch the weather channel with, someone who gets just as excited as you as the prospect of snow. They text you when the forecast is saying a possible two feet this weekend, and that they’ll meet you at the grocery store to stock up on all the essentials so you won’t have to run out in a blizzard. But you want to go out for a walk in the snow, no matter how hard it’s coming down, as long as you don’t have anywhere particular to go. Both of you love seeing the snow as it falls, and knowing that there is something warm waiting for you in the oven at home.

Learn the difference between connection and attachment. Connection gives you power, attachment sucks the life out of you.

i feel like that girl who breaks up with her boyfriend and then makes a bunch of lifestyle changes by getting a haircut and eating healthier and going out with her friends more and taking a bunch of nudes. that’s me except the only person i broke up with was my past self 

love that’s whole and neverending feels natural. it feels like i’ve loved forever but at the same time i know i haven’t because my life only drastically improved when they entered it. love feels like the possibility of loss is nonexistent. good love becomes so uplifting that eventually there are no words i could say that accurately describe my love because love i believe is living and we overflow with so much of it that it cannot be contained even in the word love describes how i feel but it could never pinpoint it.
love feels comforting and yet different every single day. you make a home in it; it becomes a foundation to everything else you do because no matter how often you go back to step 1, step 1 is love. i could never break that. love feels like a blooming terrarium in your heart that never ceases to flourish and every root that plants itself firmly in you only nourishes; no weeds exist and any that try get derooted by the other inhabitants without fail. it is the gardener’s paradise. i could write forever about it. but the gist of it? good love always feels like a cozy paradise.

It’s October.
I’m going to need to go on October dates involving pumpkin patches and breweries.

I fixed my deviated septum with a rhinoplasty, I also study women's studies and am one of the biggest self-love advocates I know. There are days I regret it and I look through old pictures wishing I hadn't perfected something that wasn't that bad, but honestly it was a good decision. I'm much more confident and I love my face more. People will definitely judge you, and I get made fun of a lot, but being honest about it helps. Self-love is about loving every version of yourself, and loving decisions YOU make for yourself.

Tom Ford Black Orchid.

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