And I’m still hoping that maybe one day I’ll get that drunk text from you saying how much you miss me. Not because I miss you, but because I hope you regret letting it end the way it did.

when something goes wrong, there are always so many possible reasons why it went wrong.
but we always pick that one damn reason where we’re the problem.

"Never let fear and stupid pride make you lose someone who’s precious to you."

Knowing you’re not a text away anymore kinda sucks

I just can’t imagine myself being with anyone else. It has to be you and me in the end.

You don’t have that fire in your eyes anymore and you know it.



reneegabrielletooley:And this ones for everyone who said I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, I shouldn’t and I can’t.
And this ones for everyone who told me I could when I couldn’t, and were the you can when I wouldn’t.
I am, I did, I could, I would, I can and I will. I’ve always been a walking hurricane, and a storms a comin’.

bambitaughtme:wanderlustclass:bambitaughtme I’ll have a room like that if you’re the one painting

no more painting for me but i actually really enjoy this photo


Sunday Hazee golden hour in malibu with jayalvarrez

literally nothing feels better than being loved by someone who hates everyone





shut up

hsnrhk:Honestly my heart just sank into my ass lol who is he … leak @s and addresses

xmmdccxiii:reminds me of katiewatiepatie


and they called itt puppy love


Michelle Shutzer - Saying Hello, 2008     Photography

poppunkmerchwall:Brand New- At The Bottom