I still miss You.

Dont ever judge me.
Remember that words can hurt  like a knife.
You don't excatly know my story and sometimes you don't know what's going on.
My smile can hide so much.
Don't ever judge anyone.

btw - właśnie znalazłam kolejny wywiad z Olivią Palermo <3 Jest niesamowita, sprawdźcie sami:

A Guide for Life.

trust your instincts,

enjoy your friends company,
study only what pleases you,
dance all night long once a week,
wear make-up that makes you look fresh,
don’t be too attached to your stuff,
smile even when you’re crying,
hold hands with the one you love,
do whatever makes you feel good,
don’t waste more than 8 hours a day sleeping,
expect from people only what is expected from you,
sing while walking your way home,
discover new things everyday,
meet new people every weekend,
travel to a new destination every vacation,
don’t wear the same party dress twice in the same year,
get a job that kills your boredom,
and while living long, stay sexy.