directions: read until your eyes are red. //dont cry over boys, instead do some squats and make them cry everything is a diary //i have a lot to say you just have to ask the right questions // "The problem is I’m hopelessly in love with the idea of a person who never truly existed. "// “Show me there’s some good in goodbye // "I let you go because some ships are not supposed to be anchored at shore rather when lost, in formless and untameable ocean, they are home."// I’m basically in love with everybody I’ve ever kissed, liked or loved, all at once // "Sunsets are proof, that endings can often be beautiful too.".

"Be so kind
you could blind
the sun with
your brightness."

"I think for sure the worst of all feelings of nostalgia is the sense that a person or place has the scent of somewhere or someone you’ve loved and missed. because it feels like you’re there. you just can’t see it."
a memory


keep you warm

at night."

"It occurred to me that it was important
to always keep a pastime,
to not invest all of your passion in a person.
people would often leave you see,
but the pleasure of a good book,
that never did."

  Beau Taplin || The things we do not say pass
and become ghosts, and like this
they haunt us for the rest of our lives. 

"I never wrote about her because she
did not require it; her beauty spoke
poetry enough."

"So you’ve got a dream, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step.
The next step is understanding that the difference between a dream
and one reached is the effort taken in bringing it out of your head and
heart and into existence, in turning those 3am wishes into 24 hour
realities. This is where most of us falter you see. Society teaches us
very young that dreaming is a child’s game. From four to seventeen we’re taught that the world is our oyster, that our imagination’s the limit but the minute we’re thrust out into the real world our hopes are crushed and we’re sold off to the daily grind for the lowest price. This is an illusion. One conjured by a world that is so very frightened of an entire population that knows its individual value. Now that you have the knowledge the next step is to press on, work hard, treat your dream or goal like a 9 to 5 job because it is, and you should. Know that you will fail over and over but each misstep will be a lesson and, despite what you might think at first, one in the right direction. Yes, that’s the beauty of carving out your own path, your dream comes ever closer, even when you fail. So keep chasing, aim high or low it does not matter, what’s important is that you keep a dream at all. After all, it’s one of the most valuable possessions you can own in this world."

"Some of us are born in the wrong shapes
and sizes to fit in with the rest of world.
but people are not puzzle pieces, we do not
require others to become something beautiful."

"How many bad days does it take to make a bad life?”

“Sometimes, just one."

 Tell us about your first love. Or if you don't have one, someone who you cared for very strongly. 

  Beau Taplin
"I just want to be the person you miss at 3am."
"Whoever said the small things don’t
matter has never seen a match start a

"Never promise a person forever.
it is not something you have to give."

  Beau Taplin || The thing about love stories. 
"Nothing weighs me down so
much as the absence of you 

"Firsts are forgettable and overrated,
it’s our lasts that matter,
its our lasts that define who we are."

"Perhaps the bags
underneath our
eyes are the body’s
way of telling us
we carry too much
in our hearts."

"For when you are feeling forgotten, uninspired and unspectacular: I would like you to imagine your life as if at birth we were each given a pen and a blank-paged textbook and instructed to write until the pages were filled or the ink ran out. I would want you to know that the number of words we put down is always less important than the quality of the stories we tell. So travel, fuck, and sleep on strangers floors, work hard, play harder and chase all of your goals. This life is both the only story you’ll ever know and the greatest you’ll ever tell, so make your own a tale worth writing about."
"Admitting to what terrifies you most is
not weak it is the truest form of bravery."

and perhaps
no matter how
right we are for
each other,
we’ll always be a little
too wrong."

"Remember, happiness is
far more likely to arrive
unannounced and unexpected
than accept an invitation.

"What hurt me
the most
when you left
was knowing
that it meant
you preferred to
take your chances
on complete strangers
than stay
with me
another second."

"Love is a word much too soft
and used far too often
to ever describe the fierce,
infinite and blazing agony that
I feel in my heart for you."

"A mirror will tell you much more
about how you are feeling inside
than what you look like to others."

"Fate is fluid.
It is not fixed or mapped out before birth.
Become who you ache to be."

"One of the worst things about losing a person is the way we pick up little mannerisms off the people we love. Soon the way we talk, the way we laugh, and even the way we view the world becomes a reminder of those we have lost."
"It’s 3am
and I’m counting
the days since
you’ve been gone
when I should
be counting sheep."

"Some nights
I wonder if
the stars watch us
the same way
we watch them.
other nights
I think of you.
and I’m sure of it."
"I could travel the entire world
or live a thousand lifetimes
and never come across someone
like you (and nothing saddens me more)."

"I’ve never been so
sure of anything as
I’m sure of you now.
I’m fed up with
looking for you
in everyone else."

"You were proof
that miracles occur,
even to very bad people."

"Whoever you are, and wherever you may be,
I want you to know that it was you
who taught me it is possible to
miss a person you do not yet know exists."

Feelings are not supposed to be kept secret. 
Come clean with the ones you love. 
Tell them every time. 

"I let you go

because some ships
are not supposed
to be anchored at shore

rather when lost,
in formless and
untameable ocean,

they are home."

"Love is a creature
of the present–
it cannot survive in the
future or past
so rejoice in
it while it
lasts and when
it’s time
to leave
let it."

"She felt the most terrible sort of invisible;
a pond or lake others would
look into only to see themselves."

"The very sad truth about goodbyes is that your lips are often the last to know it. See the first goodbye is uttered between 3am bodies, restless in the night, slowly inching apart towards opposite ends of the mattress and your hands never touch– and rather than awakening to find your sleep-covered eyes locked with your lover’s gaze as you always have, you will instead find yourself staring up at ceilings or into crooked shoulder blades with edges crueler than a cliff face.

The second comes in those rare moments you now spend alone. Where conversations without ends once flourished fewer words are now spoken– with points sharper than spearheads and phrasing blunter than cement bricks. Searching for words which once came easy will become excruciating and the silence will slowly sour your hearts. There is now no turning back.

The third goodbye will appear in those nights out apart, each shaking and strobe light-licked body will become a what-if, and you will hold the stare of a stranger for just a second longer than you should, and even the emptiest of promises will cause your skin to sweat. You will kiss the love out through your mouth and call it a mistake. You will fuck the hurt out of your skin and call it nothing because it is.

The morning after you will return to him, and your conscious will hold inside it more guilt than the verdict of an open and shut murder trial. You will ask him to sit and the trembling in your hands will speak the fourth goodbye while your eyes scream the fifth and the ums and ahs will spit the sixth, the seventh, eighth and ninth.

And you will find, that when your lips at last whisper goodbye,
it will not pain you like it should,
because your heart will have spoken it many times before,
it was simply misunderstood.

"She said,
‘Never forget me’

as if the coast
could forget the ocean

or the lung
could forget the breath

or the earth
could forget the sun."

"Robbing others of their
happiness will not
make you any richer in it."

Oh, if the days were
like friends

then tomorrow would
be a stranger
you’re yet to meet

and yesterday would
be the kind
who often leaves

but the present would
be there, through
good times and hardship–

consider this before
you decide which
you spend time with.

Each new day, without exception,
a few short sentences are written into
your skin and bones
which have the power to
shape the person you become,
and at days end,
it is up to you to decide
which you keep,
and which you erase.
Choose wisely,
so at the end of your life
you may have a story truly worth telling.

"I swear, whenever you say goodbye
it feels like waking up in a bathtub full of ice
with a strange scar on my stomach."

"Fate is madness with a plan."
1. The only thing colder than last winter
was the summer we spent apart.

See, I’m tired of being the lesson you
learn before love.
And, I’m sick of being the second-last first
kiss you ever had.
And I never understood the way everybody
always seems to feel sorry for the moth–
what about the flame
that killed everything

it ever touched.

Because the idea of two people
coming together
at the perfect moment in their lives
and setting fire to each other’s hearts
seems about as likely as a sun
forming in the universe
and creating a grand solar system
of orbiting planets,
one of which happens to keep
the exact distance
and temperatures needed to sustain life
but that shouldn’t stop you waiting
since even that’s happened once.

I’ve been sleeping with girls who
look like you,
smell like you,
speak like you–

as if there is a method
to the fire I felt for you
that I must simply imitate
if I wish to achieve the same result.

It doesn’t quite work

but then it sure beats running
your name
into steamy shower doors
or realising the sharp pain in my ribs is
really just my nervous system’s way
of rehearsing the words: I miss you.

I remember how we would laugh along
through sharpened teeth, glowing white–
and no matter how you said you miss me,
you never seemed to put it right.
I remember new photographs, flowered veins
and the way your skin held the scent of rain.
I remember willow trees, wedding plans
and forevers made of numbered days.
But one thing which has become quite clear to me; like a still day
after months of heavy rain– is that
we were never in love–
we were just very lonely.

"I wanted your Mondays to Sundays, but all you promised were Somedays."
"She was magnificent, like toffee apple at the summer fair; sweetly cloaked decadence. And she would look at you like all her life she had been misunderstood and you were one to uncover her secrets. But perhaps you wished you hadn’t- because it was the riddle, that splendid mystery, wherein laid her charm."
"Isn’t it sad, how we all turn back to strangers
given the time, no matter the number of adventures
or dances or kisses we share.
We are all doomed to the same unfamiliarity;
the awkward
how you beens,
the unsure
i’ve been wells,
the dreadful,
this is who I share
my body with nows."

"I had a dream that you were here
and a nightmare that I forgot you,
but how much worse it was to wake up
and realize neither were true"

 If only I had enough skin to cover it in your words and not look like I rolled on freshly printed newspapers 
Some days are like falling from a building only 
you can’t remember when and why you jumped. 

"You said you were over me –––
As if I were just another mountain to climb."

Your kiss
was like a film,
I’d seen a thousand times.
I knew every line,
each twist;
each surprise;
You simply
passed the time.
people are like oceans
even the shallow ones
if only you take
the time
to explore them.

be careful what you post online because future employers might see it and want to hang out with you because you’re so cool

“what’s a queen without her king?” well, historically, better

In fact, I have no real friend but you, and when I am in low spirits, I always think of you. I only wish you were here, that we might again talk together about moving to the country. Vincent van Gogh, “Letter to Theo Van Gogh,” 22 July 1883  

  • ME @ MY SON: wolfgang, you were named not after one wolf but a whole gang of wolves

people who don’t enjoy art as much as me: Simple plebs
people who enjoy art more than me: Pretentious bourgeoisie snobs




fresh // modern // fashion



such a strong photo


Miranda Kerr by Chris Colls for KORA Organics.



Sophie Vlaming for Marie Claire Netherlands August 2013 by Hans Van Brakel. 


homeawayfromhomebody: favorite books?

1984, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, wuthering heights x


Cara Delevingne for La Perla.


oh my god what a beauty

Don’t let a man have to tell you twice he doesn’t want you.”

Sometimes quiet people really do have a lot to say. They’re just being careful about who they open up to.”


This needs to be a poster plastered everywhere in all of the high schools and middle schools in America.

I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.

They were involved in that awkward procedure of getting to unknow each other.

Some of you walked into my life and made it better, others walked out and made it fucking fantastic.

Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.



Yes 👏👏👏


I didn’t become heartless , I just became smarter. My happiness will not depend on someone else . Not anymore

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