Once you’ve read the dictionary, every other book you read is just a remix.

You deserve, by what you are, a happiness, a fullness that few people know.

“I love your loneliness. It is brave. It makes the universe want to protect you.”

"They said nothing but their silence was alive and warm."

"Sometimes if you regret the truths in your life, they become fiction."

"You’d break your
heart to make it bigger,"

"You have never been curious about me; you never wanted to explore my soul."

"I want to cry and I yearn for something to make me forget."

"Maybe she would not feel this way if she talked to him, maybe he would make her laugh. Maybe she would hear his voice and the silence would break…"

“I’ve never watched any of your movies all the way to the end” is an insult when you say it to a normal actor, but a complement when you say it to a porn actor.
A broken clock has the correct time twice a day, but it’s possible for a working clock to never have the correct time.

What if your dog one day just randomly said, “Nobody is going to believe you” and then never spoke again.

We dress our best to convince other people to get naked with us.

I’ve had religious people knock on my door encouraging me to be religious, but never have I had a homosexual knock on my door to encourage me to be homosexual.

I’ve been using AdBlock for more than five years; I have no idea what the internet actually looks like.

The phrase “No one’s left” means opposite things depending on if the contraction is for “is” or “has.”

If you start screaming on a cruise ship, everyone will think you’re crazy.. But if you start screaming on an airplane, everyone joins in.

"Perhaps they know somehow that I’ve got so much to give. Perhaps it’s that that frightens them. I feel I’ve got such boundless, boundless love to give to somebody–I would care for somebody so utterly and so completely–watch over them–keep everything horrible away–and make them feel that if ever they wanted anything done I lived to do it. If only I felt that somebody wanted me, I should become a different person. Yes; that is the secret of life for me–to feel loved, to feel wanted, to know that somebody leaned on me for everything absolutely–for ever."

"She wanted to tell him she was sorry, but saying she was sorry did not seem entirely adequate, and in any case what she was sorry about seemed at once too deep and too evanescent for any words she knew, seemed so vastly more complicated than the immediate fact that it was perhaps better left unraveled."

for someone who is fully content hanging out alone I have a huge want of being someone’s most favorite person in their life. 

Imagine a lion burdened with the voice of a sheep– that is me. That was the flaw in my misshapen creation

We are taught that strength means letting go of our dreams. May I remain weak.”

I wonder if my cat thinks the delivery guy is my owner because He gives Me food.

Kelsey White

Instagram: jen.ac

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