I knew better than to trust you but I did anyway
I knew better than to need you but I did anyway
I knew better than to love you but I did anyway
I guess I broke my own damn heart.

Whether you call or not, I love you. Whether asleep or awake, I love you. Busy or not, I love you. Whether you love me or you don’t, I Love you.

I believed in too much
too early
and when reality
arrived I couldn’t
stand it.

We’re like parallel lines: always close - never together.

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.

Can it be that once I loved you as one loves a garden, the known & the wild, together with the forgotten?

Sweet girl, who taught you that you are not worthy of your own love? Don’t you know that once you’ve realized your worth, you are infinite?

Yes it bothers me. But one day it won’t.


“I dont know what we were, what we are or what we are supposed to be, but I wanna see you” (The Vampire Diaries 6x10 - Elena Gilbert)

Przyjdź do mnie kiedyś, przyjdziesz? Otwierając drzwi udam zaskoczenie, chociaż przecież czekam od tak dawna

Farewells can be shattering, but returns are surely worse. Solid flesh can never live up to the bright shadow cast by its absence. Time and distance blur the edges; then suddenly the beloved has arrived, and it’s noon with its merciless light, and every spot and pore and wrinkle and bristle stands clear.

treat her like a drug, not a princess. be addicted to her.

“Do you think it hurts shooting yourself?”
“Maybe, I think pain only hurts if it’s like, for long.”

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