If it was anybody else, I would have given up long ago

Wcale się nie pokłócili, ona po prostu po kilku tygodniach spojrzała trzeźwym okiem na to mieszkanie, którego się nie da posprzątać, na tego mężczyznę, którego się nie da ocalić (...)
I tyle. I spakowała się. I wyszła.

There are times when everything inside of me wants to reach out to you. I sometimes miss those moments when I just could.

The only reason I keep my Spotify public these days is that I’m hoping you’ll see what I’m listening to and fall back in love with me

I wanted to think of you as my best friend, but I didn’t.

You must have loved hurting me, because you always found new and clever ways to do it

I can tell when someone’s in love with me, because they look at me like I’m beautiful. I waited too long to see that in your eyes and never did.

I knew I was falling for you when I looked up from my shoes and saw you smiling at me with a sparkle in your eyes. I won’t ever forget that

I’m getting over you by convincing myself it was your fault. It might not be the best way, but being angry is much more tolerable than being miserable

Your dating profile tells me you want to do everything I got you into, with someone else. Dancing, learning French, rock climbing…

It’s been almost 20 years and I still remember the moment you walked into the room. Only wish you’d stayed

It’s like we were driving 100mph at a wall we knew was coming, but we’d rather kill ourselves than stop the rush

I’ve turned down so many great people simply for the crime of not being you.

I love how a year later you remember little things about me that I’d forgotten about myself

You’re the only one on my speed dial and we never talk.

You asked me out and I said yes. We never went out

Seems like I fall in love with every man at the coffee shop. All except the ones I go on dates there with.

I keep finding perfect outfits for dates we’ll never go on again

I was too young and you were too emotional about your previous relationship. Come find me in five years, okay?

You made me a better writer. I could never thank you enough for that

My husband and I went to the restaurant that you and I went to on our first and only date. It’s been 17 years and I still remembered what you ordered

Everyone knows
 I’m not your type, except you.

We were so young, what else were we to do? We had nothing to give but ourselves, pulling and ripping each other apart until there was nothing to give except hollow eyes and empty i love yous, our bodies, and it didn’t even feel special anymore, it never really did, just empty angry lust for something greater.

If you ever wonder if I still love you, know that I do.

You loved me when it began, I started to love you when it was over.

I never believed in love at first sight. But the first time I saw you, time  slowed down. You were the best thing I never really had. I still don’t believe in love at first sight

I used to love you and miss you so much it hurted like hell. But now this feeling is finally gone, I sometimes miss suffering for you. I felt alive in sorrow.

I thought you were my first love but technically you don’t count. You turned out to be someone I didn’t think you were. I didn’t fall for you, I fell for the person you pretended to be

You deleted your Facebook. Sometimes I hope it was because the sight of me was too much to bear, and the urge to message me was too much to resist.

There are times when I miss you, and there are times when I wonder why I don’t miss you, and that makes me sad, because I actually thought we were “it". Guess we weren’t. That breaks my heart

You are no longer my favorite memory.

Do you wish it was me? I always wish it was you. It should have been you.

The first sip of a beer will always remind me of you

It may not have been true love, but it sure as hell was true heartbreak

One day when I write about ‘you’ it won’t be about you anymore.

I see it in your eyes that you don’t miss me the way I miss you. I miss the hope I had, even though it was false

I thought I forgot about us. But then we bumped into each other and I wondered if it would’ve been okay for me to hug you and say, “Hey, I once loved you

You would have been such a great guy if you hadn’t been such an asshole

You are worth missing. Maybe not for this long

Everyone always told us that we belonged together. Sometimes I think that is the reason we never were.

I hate that you left me with so many holes that are making me fall in love with the first person who shows the potential to fill them.

I still think you’re perfect. I just don’t want perfection any more

I realized today that I am just like you. Cold, distant, and emotionally unavailabl

Every time I see your name come up on my phone, I think for a millisecond that you’re finally going to tell me that you love me and you can’t stand to live another minute without telling me. And I’ll always be wrong

I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that I still want you, or the fact that you still want me,too.

You know what I really miss? Telling you stories, and how your eyes smile as you listen to them.

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