Don’t leave a girl you need, for a girl you want. // Never run back to what made you start running.

I’m a needy girlfriend but not needy by buying me gifts, needy by always wanting a hug, holding hands, a kiss, all those little things .


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Reason why I don’t have a date for valentines day…

At my age, I’m at the point where… 

  • I rather watch Netflix and order take-out than party
  • Have one consistent partner than random encounters
  • Five friends than a hundred associates
  • People who give me constructive criticism, rather than lie to save my feelings
  • Travel the world and learn as much as humanly possible.




MAGDALENA by Lachlan Bailey 

Oh my god


1.) There will be boys who say sweet words that melt your heart, and they won’t want to just “get in your pants.”
2.) Everyone will hurt you some time or another, even the people who promise they won’t and aren’t supposed to.
3.) There are going to be days where you can’t go to school because you’ll be too tired from a sleepless night of over thinking.
4.) Everyone is going to leave you at some point in your life but sometimes the really special ones will come back.
5.) Sometimes the people you cannot live without, can live perfectly fine without you.
6.) You’re going to be young and fall in love and there’s a chance that will be the person you will marry, or just another person who will leave you with memories.
7.) Not everyone will be happy with your success and not everyone will be sad with your loss.
8.) There are going to be people you are close to and then suddenly one day you don’t talk and there’s not a good reason as to why
9.) People are going to make fun of you and you are going to stand out but you’re going to need to realize that everyone does this to everyone and even though it doesn’t make it right you’re going to have to learn to deal with it.
10.) There is going to be one day when suddenly no where feels like home until the day when your lips touch his, when you look into his eyes, and he wraps you in his arms and suddenly, there you are, home.




hanging out at da beach today :)


do not let anyone make you feel like shit for putting yourself first
you are the only person that is guaranteed to be with you throughout your whole life so you might as well have a loving relationship with yourself

Stop saying it’s okay when your soul’s bleeding. Stop trying to dodge knives that always end up in the depths of your heart. Stop looking to the ceiling hoping that tears won’t overflow. Stop taking people’s shit. Walk away. Fuck them all.

“One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people.”

I like drinking tea alone, and reading alone.
I like riding the bus alone, and walking home alone.
It gives me time to think, and set my mind free.
I like eating alone, and listening to music alone.
But when I see a mother with her child;
A girl with her lover;
Or a friend laughing with their best friend;
I realize that even though I like being alone
I don’t fancy being lonely.

Never discredit your gut instinct. You’re not being paranoid. Your body can pick up vibrations, some better than others, and if something deep inside you says something’s not right about a person or situation, trust it and keep it pushing. 









t doesn’t have to be elaborate
i don’t care for fancy dates
but if he says,
"hey let’s grab some coffee, my treat."
"i need to buy a sweater, help me choose?"
"i haven’t seen you in awhile, let’s go watch a movie."
it sounds totes better than 
"idk what do you want to do choose"  

I crave space. It charges my batteries. It helps me breathe. Being around people can be so exhausting, because most of them love to take and barely know how to give. Except for a rare few.


Obsessed with this photo

No matter how great of a woman you are, you will never be good enough for a man who isn’t ready. I learned that the hard way.
Compliment yourself when you look in the mirror, massage yourself, eat food that makes your body happy, talk nothing but positive about yourself, treat yourself as if you’re the most important thing in your life. Because you are.

Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling



My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s okay.




I want them now 😩😩😩😩

Football player😍😍




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For real people should live by this. 😌




lillangford we already are 😏

Hahahaha ! I love this 💚 Indeed !!! missmcbx


Bar 3 suit style by IAMGALLA



spiritualinspiration:God has a set time for your opportunity. There is a set time for that problem to turn around, a set time for your healing, your promotion, your breakthrough. It may be tomorrow, or next week, or five years from now. But when you understand the time has already been set, it takes all the pressure off. You won’t live worried, wondering when this is ever going to happen. You’ll relax and enjoy your life knowing that the promise has already been scheduled and your answer is on the way!(神)

urban-prada:Fashion, cute boys, and celebs. x

It’s such a terrible, paradoxical feeling to want to be over someone;
you want to forget them
but you still check your phone

hoping they didn’t forget you.

Somedays, it’s easy to forget you.

Most days, you’re all I remember.

today you told me you met someone
and like all civil broken hearts,
I said, “I’m happy for you.”
and I stood there, arms out,
waiting to feel my world crash down
on me,
but the sky never fell and the ground
didn’t shatter and
I could still breathe.
I felt relieved, actually -
I could no longer fantasize of 
you coming back to me or
think of reasons to see you.
you closed our book and I thank you
for putting it back on the shelf;
now there’s finally a chance 
that someone else can read it.

"if you loved him, why’d you leave?"
my heart has cracked open a hundred times
to the point that the only way
to keep it together
was to fill it with cement.
do you know how hard it is
to carry around a heart that
oh, and he was already so weighed down,
the weight of the world sitting on his
broad shoulders,
I could see his collarbone began to crack,
though he’d never admit it.
I can’t be the one
to break him because 
I love him,
oh my god I love him, 
I am an anchor
and he’s still learning
how to swim.

I lost a great innocence when I understood that I and my mind were not going to be on good terms for the rest of my life.


Petra Nemcova | LVSH

Being kind isn’t always easy. Or convenient. But it has the potential to change everything.

oliviatheelf:One of my favorite animals.



I can relate so hard.
She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by-
And never knew.

You see her for the first time and she’ll walk right past you like you are a crack in the wall and she is a skyscraper with her head so high in the air and when you can’t sleep you’ll think about the way her eyes strayed into yours for a moment too long before breaking away and disappearing into the crowd of people.
She’ll look both ways before telling you she loves you under her breath and when she hugs you her eyes scan the empty room as if the walls had eyes and ears and mouths that could give you away.
When she’s curled up on your lap shaking with mismatched breaths you’ll wonder how someone who looked like she carried mountains on her shoulders could crumble so easily in your arms like the tornado in her mind finally hit her and knocked her off her feet.
In half-light she’ll run her fingers over your arms like she is reading words carved into your skin, binding them together into the perfect metaphor and you’ll hear it playback in your head at 4am when your head runs wild with thoughts of her.
You’ll find a safe haven on rooftops and abandoned rooms where she’ll set fire to your insides with hushed breaths between kisses planted perfectly on your lips and make you wonder how dangerous it is to play with wild flames while your body is made of paper.
You’ll stare God right in the eye and tell him that if loving her was a sin then you want no place in heaven with him because the way her lips fit perfectly on your neck is a type of paradise you’ll never forget.

If you love and get hurt, love more.
If you love more and hurt more, love even more.
If you love even more and get hurt even more, love some more until it hurts no more…

I need someone who’s okay with laying in bed all day but also up for spontaneous adventures.

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It’s nice when someone remembers small details about you.

Even if you called 6 months later, at 3am i’d still answer.

I remember staying up this late just for you.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.


Our relationship was toxic, but I loved you so much I couldn’t let you go.

My pride is stronger than my feelings. don’t try to play me.

I could think of you 24/7 and you still wouldn’t hear from me.

My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping.

Get drunk, I need the truth.

I don’t take half, i take whole, or nothing at all.

 Life is like photography. You use the negatives to develop

Take risks. If you win you will be happy; if you lose you will be wise.


Greece is breathtakingly beautiful it would be my dream to live here


For the love of pasta.






Mind-Bending Paintings By Canadian Artist Rob Gonsalves

This fucked me up

Im really fucked up right now


♡♡ ♡♡


i’ve never read any truer words



watching the sun set in an outdoor bath could cure any sadness in the world

give me one of these omgg

nature + more

I have the deepest affection for intellectual conversations. The ability to just sit and talk. About love, life, anything, and everything.

Maybe it’s not about the length of time you’ve known someone; maybe it’s about instant recognition on an unconscious level. Our souls know each other.



I don’t want to be the other half of your soul. I want to be the one who reminds you that you’re already whole.

Do not look at other people’s success as a reflection of your failures. They are unrelated to your own experience. Do not look at other people’s stuff as a reminder of all you don’t have. Material things don’t dictate your worth. And do not look at other people’s appearances as a competition with your own. It’s an insult to yourself to think that’s all you have to offer.

You meet someone one day, and the next day they’re your addiction

bysaber:Baked-only fries 🍃🍃🍃 that I battered in seasoned coconut flour, paprika and coconut oil. Served with chunky guacamole, beetroot sauerkraut, cherry tomatoes, chopped scallions, and rainbow bell peppers on a bed of organic chopped kale. Topped off with cracked pepper, pink salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Join me on instagram for more ✘


#121 swimmers ❤🐷🐷🐷

If you had started doing anything two weeks ago, by today you would have been two weeks better at it.



As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.

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