I cannot be nostalgic around people.
I'll smile
I’ll laugh when they joke
but when I am alone
I’ll listen to the songs
that remind me of you
and try to remember the first words
we spoke to each other.
You mean more to me
than I could ever say out loud. 

I stay up late
to make sure
everyone makes it home
safely to their beds
maybe because I’m slightly afraid
(in an adult way)
of the dark.
But also I’m afraid
that I’ll miss something;
the hours pass so quickly
when I’m asleep. 

This is real 
they will say
and you will believe them. 

You don’t realize
how much time has passed
until you hear the voice
you once fell asleep
thinking about
and realize
it’s no different
than the rest of the crowd’s.  

Living miles away
we are still connected
listening to the same song. 

The future only becomes tangible
when it becomes possible
to run red marker lines
through calendar boxes
every night before sleep. 

How overwhelming
to have only one life
and so many decisions
left to create it. 

I don’t know where
the time has gone,
but your face
is fading with it.

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