We’re not looking
for people to relate
to our stories
spun from golden words.
We’re not hoping
that someone
will have an answer;
we don’t need to be saved.
We just want someone to listen.
We just want confirmation
that we exist. 

There are so many things
I want to say
but I am tired of people forgetting to listen. 

I’ve fallen in love with words
before I see the mouth that speaks them.
I’ve fallen in love with a voice
before I hear what it has to say.
I’ve fallen for campfires
and tired eyes
and fingernails
and in the dreams I have
right before falling asleep
when no one can say
you’re wrong
they always love me too. 

If you mean what you say
it won’t matter how it’s said. 

I don’t understand
why I still feel the need to impress you
with every word I say

How difficult it is
to go from seeing someone every day
and looking forward
to catching their eye
to barely seeing them at all
and turning your back
if they look in your direction. 

Seeing you
through someone else’s eyes
doesn’t change
my view. 

She was filled with the guilt
of not knowing why
she should feel guilty. 

Late night hours always felt
to her, as if decisions made within them
held more meaning than she knew.

I would rather
sit with you
than dance
with anybody else. 

Her excuses had become so common
that they tasted like the truth. 

Ask me again.
This time, I promise,
I’ll say yes.

It’s a feeling you get
when you meet someone for the first time
and realize you’ve been waiting for them. 

How do you know when it’s love? he asked.
She looked at him sadly for a moment and said,
If you have to ask, it isn’t.

Of all the things she had lost
in her beautiful, mixed-up life,
it was love that she missed most of all. 

Sometimes she loved too hard.
Sometimes she lost herself in it.
Sometimes she needed to take a moment to remember humans are only humans.

She was always the first one to say goodbye,
but couldn’t bear to watch anyone walk away.

I think we’re going to have a long story.
It might have some chapters where not much happens.
It might have some passages where we say things we don’t mean.
I certainly don’t know how it’s going to end.
But I do know that we’re still writing.

Sometimes there is too much beauty and cruelty in the world. It is fascinating the way the two can co-exist in the lives of so many, pushing us through every day. When there can be so much happiness and sadness inside one heart, it is no wonder that we are constantly walking around confused, squinting in the blinding sunlight.

If you lie
and tell me what I want to hear
I’ll love you for that moment.
If you tell me the truth
without breaking my heart
I’ll love you forever.

She lives as if she is trying out her bones for the first time.

She wished on the same star every night, until it told her
It’s time to stop wishing and start living.

I remember the summer I fell in love, right before the autumn when I fell apart.

I’d rather spend time
with your shadow
than with anyone else I meet.

Tracing the red lines on the map with her fingertip, she imagined a new life in every city along the way. New jobs, new loves, new friends, new selves.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to get away and start again?

Why does everyone always leave?It’s the question that rustles leaves
and wrinkles brains
and separates those
who have just begun
to grow close.

Sometimes we don’t realize the effect people have on us until we see them after we have become someone else.

It’s funny how, sometimes, if you just see the back of someone’s head, you know who they are. They might not be an integral part of your life; you might not have seen them in years. But for some reason, when you spot them distantly, you know who they are and memories of seconds spent together fill you with nostalgia for a different time or place.

How many times would she have to tell herself
this is the last time?

She had been going through the motions, feeling that nothing was right even though nothing was really wrong.

I don’t think we should say ‘I love you’ every day,” he told her one afternoon. “I think we should save it for special moments. You know I love you; I don’t want the words to lose their meaning by saying them too often.”

It’s easier to imagine love when it’s unrequited.

People grow
and people change
and sometime the ones you love
become the ones you don’t recognize.

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