this is how all our phone conversations end with your tired voice begging
please, just stop crying.

“The last note of that songs is the saddest thing. That must be the sound of a heart breaking.” 

Don’t let go of details because that’s all we really are. That’s all anything is, besides dust.

all the girls you’ve ever loved, i think i loved them too

 it was still love though, just not the kind we wanted for ourselves.

i’ve never seen anything more beautiful than you’.

"I think you are beautiful beyond words."

maybe this is about no one. and everyone i know. and all the people i’ve never met. and really about you. and not about you at all.

The last time I saw you; you wore a smile that lit up the room and a hug that felt all too real to be human. I wonder where you are now and if you are happy. I hope you are happy."

do you know how many times i’ve broken my own heart

all the bad things that happened when no one was looking.

there is nothing rebellious about loving something that can’t love you.

 think about all the things i’ve lost 
weight, lovers, memory
dignity, time, self respect
and people
most of all i lose people
to prison, to ghosts, to the ground
to a changed phone number
to a nothing that meant everything.
i start to count loss with my fingers
and last year, my pride 

my innocence
the television tells us that we
have to ’let go’
and i do.

where did you learn this, to leave those that want to stay?

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