your soul is worth searching for // it is what it is, forget what it was

It wasn’t meant to be. You’re not missing out. Your life has different plans for you.

“ please stop asking why I had to go

let the stardust inside your veins shine bright and light up the lives of those around you

listen, be enthusiastic. life is more exciting that way. give it your all, make sure people realize that you’re committed. to them, your tasks, yourself.


Someday you will wake up in a place you love with the people you love and nothing but excitement for what’s yet to come.

In time, everything will come easily. You will no longer fight to keep your head above water. You will find ease and comfort and it will all make sense.

Hey there, just a reminder: don’t overthink it, it doesn’t matter as much as your mind is telling you it does

love exists in many forms. you are loved whether you know it or not.

there is not a straight line to success

Let yourself be brave

To the people I don’t speak to anymore, I wish you nothing but happiness.

your friends are the forest you’ve grown in - their roots interlocking with yours. the most precious support you could ask for. help them grow as they help you.

there will always be bad days. the Sun does not always warm the Earth - the Moon is not always smiling down at her. some days are long and lonely. some days are fast and tragic. but these days still pass and recovery is long and hard. please know that every day you are here is something extraordinary.

take pleasure in the little things. praise yourself for a small job - even if it’s only half-done. reward yourself. you’re doing fine.

you don’t have to be perfect. you can breathe easy. the Earth understands - she isn’t perfect either.

it’s okay to not be soft. it’s okay to be rigid. it’s okay to have corners and sharp edges. it’s okay to have a shell with cracks and scratches and dents. it’s okay to be fragile. you are no less a person just because you are not soft.

never forget the boom of the thunder - the sound of wind howling - the waves tearing unforgiving into the beach - the smell of fire in the distance as smoke clouds the sky. never forget that the Earth is as vicious as she is kind.

remember the feeling of sand between your toes - the smell of fresh cut grass - concrete in the summer - the mountain air pouring in through your window on a long car ride. remember this Earth from which we came.

sometimes all we have to live for is the little things. but that is enough. any reason to live is enough.

time will not stop for you. no matter how much you plead with the Earth - she will always keep spinning.

take a bath and close your eyes. silence your thoughts only listening to the running water. wait until your fingers prune then wrap a towel tightly around you. you are clean now, cleansed from all the negativity and stress and struggles.

It’s been a long day. The sun has gone to sleep and maybe you should too.

Please understand that happiness is not always easy to reach. Even if others find happiness with ease, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same. Give it time.

We’re numb but we’re not apathetic. We care even though sometimes we can’t feel. One day your heart is going to outweigh the world’s indifference and you’ll be able to breathe again

embrace being lost, it means you can create a new path and a new destination. there is a certain excitement in not knowing where to go next: an uncertainty filled with possibility.

the stars would be so proud to know their atoms created someone like you.

If you close your eyes and listen closely, even rain can sound like applause. An applause to you, yourself and your mind, you end something and wash away the rusty old, to create a bright new.
don’t force it. if it was meant for you, know that it won’t miss you

You have so much more time. There are so many moments ahead of you, moments that will change everything; incredible moments that will make you forget all the bad seconds, hours, days, years.

There will be a next time. Another love, another chance, another opportunity. Keep looking forward.

In time, everything will come easily. You will no longer fight to keep your head above water. You will find ease and comfort and it will all make sense.

 Never deny the fact that someone used to make you happy 

sext: you look like the universe decided that it was tired of being so immense so it compressed all of its beauty and complexity and wonder into a smaller form so it could make everyone around it feel like they were a part of the stars

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you remind me of a star. so bright, so shimmery, and so far away from me. but your shine still touches me.

There are no pathetic tears. Not here. Cry if you need to. Let it all out; I’ll kiss the tears off your cheeks. I’ll make you feel better. Let your feelings flow out. You’re safe here.

 perhaps endings and beginnings are one in the same.

If it moves you, if it inspires you, if it makes you happy, let it.

It wasn’t meant to be. You’re not missing out. Your life has different plans for you.

It didn’t work out but you’re moving on. Better things will come.

Your greatest love story is the one you have with yourself.

There are countless reasons to keep going: to go on more adventures, pet more dogs, have more laughs, learn new languages. But when those reasons don’t seem like enough, have faith in the reasons you have yet to discover.
you will find someone who makes you feel !!!!!! and thats when you’ll know to keep them around.

kindness is always a good idea

It’s no ones’ fault. Sometimes the universe works in cruel ways and there’s no one to blame.

Understanding sadness means appreciating happiness in a new light.

sometimes I think my heart is breaking not because it’s too fragile but because it’s too full.

It was a mistake, a misstep, a moment of weakness. We all have a memory of a time like this. Maybe you messed up, maybe you did something you regret. But please listen when I say you are more than a single moment in time. You might have made a bad choice once but you’ve made millions of good choices in your lifetime and you will make millions more.

Before you say it’s okay, make sure it really is.
 You should never pass up the chance to break your heart in new and interesting ways.

We almost always forgive those we understand.

Purity has nothing to do with your sexuality, who you sleep with, how many people you sleep with or how often you sleep with them. Purity is simply a heart that cannot bear to see suffering, a skin that still bruises and has not hardened to the world and its cruelty, and a soul that is much kinder to others than is necessary.
i love when math teachers put question marks on my tests cause i’m just like yeah same
there are too many versions of me in the universe! the girl i bumped into but didn’t stop to say sorry to has a version of me in her mind. the guy i let borrow my homework has another version of me in his. even my friends, my family, and everyone i’ve ever met in my life has their own version of me in their minds that i’m not even aware of

stillness is rare and quiet. savour the momentary peace.

your love is soft and beautiful and pure and you are important - no matter what the world tells you.

missing the things that hurt you is the hardest part of recovery. remember that you are better off now without them burning at your edges.

there is softness out there for you. warm blankets. warm people. warm drinks. you will find what soothes you.

look in the mirror. open your eyes. there you are - you made it. through everything you have survived. every crack and dent and discolouration is proof of your strength. proof of what you’ve overcome. proof you have always been enough.

leave if you must. you can always come back again.

lie with the flowers and listen to the breeze’s soft lullaby.

you may never get closure. it may be the last thing they did to hurt you. know that they can never hurt you again and thrive. bloom vibrantly from the concrete. become the only beautiful thing in the crack of a sidewalk. no matter how many pick off your petals, you will grow back. stronger. better. more beautiful than before.

you must beware of stars. their light is beautiful but dangerous. stray too close to their warmth and they will burn you.

you are a work of art still in progress. you are an ever-changing piece of clay with the hands of the universe helping you take shape. by the end you will be a masterwork - irreplaceable and unique.

there’s a lot of love to give. remember to save a little for yourself.

you carry countless seeds of potential within you. nurture them. they will continue to bloom long after you’ve finished your work here.

sorry for yet another sleepless night.

it doesn’t matter if you’re proficient or skilled or talented. do what makes you happy - so long as you don’t hurt anyone else in the process.

it’s so discouraging when the things you once loved no longer hold your interest. it feels like so much wasted time - even if it isn’t.

someone else’s pain does not make yours any less real.

you do not have to smile for anyone but yourself. should someone suggest otherwise? bare your teeth. remind them you owe strangers nothing.

it’s too cold - maybe you should stay inside. maybe you should rest a little longer. maybe it’s better this way.

the tears on my pillow will dry when morning comes

i spent too much time searching for happiness with you that i couldn’t find it with myself

i’m constantly growing & changing & we just weren’t growing in sync

you’re the human version of a wasp. you sting me again and again

there’s something magical about being needed

you make hell feel like home, and you make heaven seem real

there was nothing beautiful about the way i let you destroy me but, oh will i dig and dig until i can find something pretty about it

it makes my life woth living.

one day you will find your moon. one day you may find more than one. together you will stumble softly through the sky. you will smile under their light. you will be home with them.

all flowers wilt eventually. loss is such a sad inevitable thing. but new buds blossom from pain and bring the vibrance of life with them.
not everything blossoms. things grow old, and wilt until they are no more. but even death, in all it’s pain, can be as beautiful as life, but we don’t always find things that blossom from it. sometimes, we only find things around it wilt faster.
sometimes all that remains is dirt and stillness. sometimes that is all we need.


I’ve been drinking water; my shoulders are bare and golden
Pieces of my collar bone are peeking out from the corners of my halter
It’s almost summer; I’ve been jogging through old neighborhoods; I feel human
I keeping thinking if I want to kiss a boy I can; I feel in control
In control and not in need of fuckboys–babe was a fuckboy who lasted for 5 years
Babe you were a baby, my baby, I loved you, my glass half empty–
And the hidden mold growing on the bathtub walls that I’m finally cleaning out
I sat out on the window bench; ate a croissant and smoked a cigarette; hummed along to the cafe’s tunes
Feels like I’m in Paris; falling in love; only in love with myself
Even the sun notices I’m alive today, keeps shining down on me, making me wanna dance
And I feel like I am holding hands with a very sweet ghost that keeps whispering: Let go of the past.
Oh well I have been listening to the messages in the wind and I don’t turn the volume down anymore
There was static; it was a frequency problem but that’s alright
I have found wiggling the antennas will smooth just about anything out
Broken heart has been in a cast: almost healed with so many lovely notes scribbled from friends and strangers over it
And he said I looked like a starburst when I passed him by
So I made myself fall asleep earlier so I could dream longer and shoot a cross the cotton candy sky
Because today was strange I felt pretty
Uncovered, revealed, exposed and standing on solid growing-ground with a silly little feeling budding:
So this is how it feels to be okay
To be okay and to be happy like the boys in the punk band who drink beer until 6:00am
In comparison to the panting maltese walked by the curly haired girl, I think I’m doing just fine
One vintage sandal in front of the other, this is how I’ll get places in town and afar from now on I’ve decided
Everything won’t be easy and I’ve never been very good at math but I can always figure it out
So that girl in the mirror was me; is me:
Pretty, today; today I am pretty






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