reads me all of the product names in the ikea catalog

soft music and soft thoughts ,


Marc Jacobs’s party dress code

i love being boring and not wearing eyeliner anymore

im not even ugly cute im like..obscure cute. avant garde

a thought: me, sitting in a café with a hot mug of coffee and my laptop. it is early in the morning. i am wearing a turtleneck sweater and a heart shaped locket. outside the windows it is raining lightly

*doesnt check my academic email* everythings OK

When aliens come they’re going to kill us I hope
Will they have bio Chem weapons like the engineers in Prometheus or tripods with vaporizing rays like the ones from war of the worlds?
They’re going to make us smell a flower and it will melt us down to water so we can flow through the earth and let her heal

i shyed away from your eyes in the hall but believe me, i saw you. i noticed. i always do

Tell me I’m cute or something so I can like roll my eyes at you but then blush when I think about it later


humanity did a lot of things wrong but at least we got libraries, museums, and coffee shops right

highkey want a boy who’s taller than me and has messy hair and nice eyebrows and is strong enough to lift me and carry me when I’m tired and is intelligent and can carry smart conversations and calls me beautiful and treats me right in front of his friends

There’s something reassuring in the fact that I can feel peace when I’m all by myself. I’m all good.

You decided to keep trying and that’s remarkable. You should be proud

when i was 12 i babysat this girl for a few years and she would come to me and show me her art, drag me by my wrists and point at the pieces she’d made during the week. and she’d be like “do the voice” and i’d put on a sports-announcer olympics-style voice and be like “such form! this level of coloring! why i haven’t seen such perfection in crayola in a long time. and what is this? why jeff, now this is a true risk… it seems she’s made … a monochrome pink canvas…. i haven’t seen this attempted since winter 1932… and i gotta say, jeff, it’s absolutely splendid”  and she’d fall back giggling. at the end of every night she’d check with me: “did you really like it?” and i’d say yes and talk about something i noticed and tucked her in.
she was just accepted into 3 major art schools. she wrote me a letter. inside was a picture from when she was younger. monochrome pink. 
“thank you,” it said, “to somebody who saw the best in me.

vulnerability is so important, so much growth comes with keeping your heart open

you know those people who are just luminous, like they’re so beautiful and everything they do is endearing and all you can do is stare and hope that some of their light hits you someday. maybe it’s not even romantic but they’re just such people, they’re humans, and they’re so beautiful that you cannot make yourself look away

I want to move to Paris and explore art museums and get lost in little alleyways full of vines with small white flowers growing along with the green and little macaron shops lined up along the streets. I want to go visit cafes and say bonjour to everyone I meet and run into a lovely boy with brown hair and yellow sweaters who can somehow turn gray days into blue ones whenever he smiles oh I just ..


Me tho

concept: 90s. New York City. cocktails with friends after work on a friday night dressed in gucci fw 1995
when the caffeine wears off and suddenly you’re lying face down on your bed like a dried apricot with zero sense of space or time

*misses fruits that are out of season*

my dream right now is to walk around a big city in a warm coat w a cute boy

maybe boys would fall in love with me if i was a nike sock

You don’t have to like or reblog my art to show your support - I just ask that you print it out and eat it every once in a while.

my mind says college but my heart says isolated sheep herder in Iceland

*swirls chocolate milk in a wine glass*

wow i cant believe the titanic sunk and the people filming it didn’t even stop to help

you can tell a lot by a womans hands, for instance, she has hooves? horse. 

 i am so soft and warm and kind why isnt anyone in love with me hello

different kinds of tired: 
1. all day at the beach sleepy. warm skin. wet hair. salt and sand and green apple-scented shampoo. bed sheet tides pulling up and down stomach flips into mermaid dreams.
2. milky tired. early nights. wondering if you are getting sick. medicine light bones. eyelids melting closed. dizzy, dizzy, spinning into sleep.
3. drowsy car rides. soft radio buzz. pillow on the window. pulling on your seatbelt. waking up and not knowing where you are.

i want to personally thank the person who invented croissants 



i imagine getting my own place all the time and going down to the grocery store early in the morning before everyone else and to the coffee shop and having a really small place with wide windows and lots of plants and shelves of books and a tiny kitchen where i can make tea and noodles and a bed with a pile of blankets and just a place i can make uniquely my own or maybe a place i could share with someone but i just think about this place a lot idk

I love how dogs don’t get embarrassed they just do very clumsy awkward clunky giant baby things and then continue on their day without thinking twice. I wish I was more like a dog

i wanna smell like rain and peaches and be as bright and light filled as a french apartment

I found beauty in me, once I seen myself reflected in you.

Didn’t know it would hurt this bad.
I found beauty in me, once I seen myself reflected in you.
Know your capacity. You can only take so much. It’s not criminal to say no
Things will get better because you are deserving of the happiness you’ve been without
I’ve loved you in the deepest of ways.


Teach me how to gracefully let go of things not meant for me

If you’re not amazed by the stars on a clear night then we won’t work

he doesn’t realize how his eyes sparkle as if they are glittering pools in the summertime
he doesn’t see how they can pull a girl in

  • little flowers
  • mediterranean winds
  • coffee from foreign places
  • rain storms in italy
  • archaic languages
  • quiet pondwater
  • architecture and marble
  • grand cathedrals
  • bamboo forests
  • statues in the louvre
  • climbing fruit trees
  • parisian metro stations
  • tiny hummingbirds
  • thunderstorms

"The people I find irresistible are those in whom the child was not killed. The qualities of openness, trust, inquisitiveness, tenderness, eagerness, enthusiasm, others undefinable, come from the child in us and are the source of charm. The laughter and the smile that do not calculate, the spontaneity that is not arrested. I cannot remember “adult” charm or whether it even exists."

The fragrance of a pure heart, can be sensed everywhere…

‘I keep my lips red, to seem like cherries in the spring’

"Something happens, and you forget to be afraid. When I was little, I used to picture that Paradise garden. I’d read about it in a book at school. Once you step in it, you’re no longer afraid. Wolves father at your feet, flowers dip down at you, a snake drinks water out of your hand."






130625-02-106_V5 copy.jpg


120217-01-113_V4 copy.jpg

Elena Kuznetsova for Atlas Magazine

drink lots of water
eat something that makes you feel nice
wear pretty underwear
buy mitam on itunes

i hope in november you look cute and get good grades

Writing is an underestimated art,
you are painting colorful images
in people’s minds by using words
of black and white.

love was a busy train station with both of us looking back at each other multiple times as we walked in opposite directions 

Remember who loved you no matter how shitty you treated them.

it’s weird when people tell me “aren’t you sad you take a lot of pictures of your friends having fun but you’re not in the picture too” because I do feel like I am in the picture, just from a different perspective. I was there too, I was alive and happy and completely inside the moment as much as them. it’s even more magical to think about it, the part of the picture you cannot see but just imagine inside of your mind

And there is a big part of me that wishes I never met you. I preferred the emptiness in me when I didn’t know it was there.

do u ever think. wow. that is a real photo. that beauty, or mystery, or sadness, or tragedy has existed. it exists.

a concept: me, you, at an aquarium holding hands and looking at sea turtles

my future apartment will be messy. it will have unfinished sketches and film camera photos, and pressed flowers and train tickets all over the walls. each cup, each spoon will look different, each will have it’s own story. there will be potted plants all over the place, i will grow lemongrass and thyme myself. the windows will be huge and opened most of the time, there will be tiny drops of paint everywhere. i will have loads of pillows and masive knitted blankets laying around, just in case. i will have a huge bookshelf and big white candles, and a record player, and i will listen to old songs, sing and dance along. i will bake banana bread and poppyseed buns and give them to my neighbors. i will have a big, warm dog to cuddle up to when i begin to feel lonely. the air will smell like rain, honey, books and jasmine tea

little things that make me fall 4 people
  • having a nickname for me (not necessarily a mushy romantic one) 
  • using my name in conversation 
  • complimenting something I’m not super fond of about myself 
  • sending me pictures of stuff that reminds you of me 
  • listening to my music
  • recommending music to me
  • picking up little phrases I use and starting to use them

pet names
Mon amour - My love
Ma chérie/Mon chéri - My darling
Mon coeur - My heart (literally)
Mon bébé - My baby
Tu es magnifique - You are gorgeous.
Tu es une fille/un garçon en or - You’re a girl/a boy as precious as gold.
Tu es plus belle/beau chaque jour qui passe - You get prettier every day.
Tu es parfait(e) comme tu es - You are perfect just the way you are.
random things
Je ne peut pas vivre sans toi - I can’t live without you.
Tu es mon tout - You are my everything.
Mon coeur t’appartient - My heart belongs to you.
Je suis tienne/tien - I am yours.
ways to say I love you
Je t’aime plus que tout - I love you more than anything.
Mon amour pour toi est infini - My love for you is endless.
Je suis follement amoureuse/eux de toi - I am crazy in love with you

I hope the universe blesses you with a moment of peace this week. You’re doing the right thing, and you’re going to be okay.

Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time.

go into a starbucks in NYC and say very loudly into your phone “this movie script is stale and trite! we need some new talent, someone with a fresh outlook” and wait

my aesthetic is students at the library who have all their study materials out but are blatantly Not Studying

a concept: we are driving down the freeeway. it is raining outside and the windshield wipers are on. i am half asleep in the passenger seat watching you, a huge blanket pulled over my shoulders. soft music plays on the radio. i close my eyes and am at peace

i want you to know how much i care about you. you are so beautiful. you are so strong. you are the world. don’t let anyone bring you down because you deserve the world. you are unique. you are a beautiful person. you can do it. you are so strong. i love you.

i mean, im not saying I have good music taste, but i have good music taste.

there’s some kind of magic feeling about cities at night I can’t explain with words

concept: me, lying in bed. my roof is glass. i look up at the moon and stars. my mind is clear like the beautiful night sky. everything is still. everything is calm.

just because you don’t look like somebody who you think is attractive doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive. flowers are pretty but so are christmas lights and they look nothing alike


If I had a dollar for every time someone called me short, I could pay for college, a semester abroad, a new car, and a mansion in cash.


Coffee ‘N Clothes

 I am on a bus right now, and there is this girl sitting next to me who is the most beautiful person ive ever seen. Her hair is red and the sun looks so nice hitting it. I really want to photograph her. She’s writing in a black journal, but I could only catch a glimpse of what she wrote. It said, “there are so many beautiful things in this world.” I think she is one of them.



i’m always up for a good burrito  and a good book

I like the sea we understand each other.It is always yearning, sighing for something it cannot have and so am I."

*listens to an album for the first time and enters a new era in my life*

i want to be admired and respected and loved by many huge monstrous dogs

You were #FF0000 and you liked me ‘cause I was #0000FF. You touched me and suddenly I was a #C8A2C8 sky And you decided #551a8b just wasn’t for you.

concept: us, whispering little kindnesses into the night. sending out love to no one in particular and everyone at once.

concept: the world has run out of evilness. love is all we have now

concept: me, sitting on the moon. the stars sing to me. no more loneliness, no more fear

concept: me, whole. nothing is missing

concept: me, making dinner. it’s 8pm but it’s still warm outside. the smell of herbs and grass and the magic of being with people i love makes me sleepy. someone calls me from inside.

you are magic. you are good. you are worthy. 

concept: the universe hears you crying and sings a little song for you. the universe hopes you can hear it

concept: me, living on a hill somewhere far away. everyone who used to hurt me has forgotten me. i’ve forgotten them too

i’ve seen the sky before, but never quite like this. somehow it doesn’t seem so far away

i am sending you so much love through the screen right now and by the time you finish reading this you will have received a little package of peace and love. there u go

concept: me, running through a sea of yellow flowers. they begin to grow taller as i run - past my knees and past my shoulders until they push me up from below. my feet lift off the ground and the flowers take me up, up, up

concept: i left the bath running too long and now the whole house is underwater. there are fish in my room and stingrays in the kitchen and i float around, breathing just fine.


This kinda sounds like a poem

you deserve everything. every smile, every laugh, every sun rise, every kiss from your beautiful girlfriend, every starlit night, every hot cup of coffee, every new discovered band or artist, every hug from your best friend, every beautiful ray of sunshine, every single “have a good day” from a stranger you passed on the sidewalk, every good night sleep, everything. you deserve everything.

does anyone else just feel the strong desire to change, to travel, to meet new people, to just start over somewhere you’ve never been before


A couple admires the color and texture of Monet’s Water Lilies at MoMA, New York

[me, covered in 20 blankets,] before you ask, yes, i do require all of these,

cute artsy boys who doodle in their journals and have smart looking glasses and are wearing blue flannels where are you

do you guys realize we can change our lives any time we want like you can just go ahead and delete ur blog, stop eating meat, shave or head, start running, tell that person you hate why you hate them so much, confess your love to someone and kiss them unexpectedly like why don’t we do that
This is like one of my favorite posts of all time. 
This is important

  • Supernova / They are the wild and explosive
  • TAURUS:Planet / They are the strong hearts
  • GEMINI:Binary Star / They are the unique and fascinating
  • CANCER:Dwarf Star / They are the radiating souls
  • LEO:Pulsar / They are the beating lights
  • VIRGO:Constellation / They are the connected and detailed
  • LIBRA:Galaxy / They are the bright and beautiful
  • SCORPIO:Black Hole / They are the deep and intense
  • SAGITTARIUS:Comet / They are the fast-moving and adventurous
  • CAPRICORN:Asteroid / They are the lone travelers
  • AQUARIUS:Nebula / They are the colorful spirits
  • PISCES:Moon / They are mysterious minds

i H A T E falling in love with people on public transportation. the worlds saddest and shortest love story honestly


hangin in emma’s studio, u knoww


stop making touch screen phones bigger 2015

my hands are too small for them please stop

B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

 B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

*drinks 8 gallons of green tea* i just want to be pure

B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

I think the real question that puzzled me the most on the PSAT is why they chose to name someone “Thad”

B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

concept: every choice i make
 is the right choice. i don’t get anything wrong again
concept: you made it. you’re there.

when u call for ur dog n u hear the lil pap pap pap of their feet as they come to u

hey, i hope school has been treating you well and you’ve been getting enough sleep. i hope your friends and loved ones are appreciating you enough and i hope you’re smiling a whole lot. you deserve the best and im so happy you exist. you are important, you are valid, and i believe in you. you can handle whatever comes your way, you’ve made it so far and im so proud of your progress. you’re going to be okay. be sure to drink plenty of water and stay safe.

small things to do that make your mind feel clearer
  • close all your internet tabs except the one you’re using
  • delete all your text messages
  • delete negative people from social networks
  • throw some things away. just throw them away
  • tidy your desk. make a blank surface
  • drink 3 glasses of water
  • open the curtains
  • wash your face and brush your teeth

that moment when you rediscover a beautiful sad song you forgot about and your heart does that thing where it smiles and breaks at the same time

B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

sometimes u just gotta lay on the floor with ur dog 

no monet, nowhere to gogh. 

I used to be that person who read two 400-page books a week. Now I carry around a book with me everywhere I go to try and remember what it feels like to feel that connection within the pages because I can’t concentrate to read further than a paragraph, or remember it, for that matter. Every time I see someone engrossed in a novel, it’s bittersweet, because I miss what it is like to get lost in the written word. I just want to be able to read like that again.

there is honestly no reason to lie to me. I’m too understanding. I get shit. I get life. I know that shit happens. just be straight up w me

'I should have told you everything while you were listening.'
9/10 of the cups of tea I make are cold, bitter, and way too strong by the time I remember about them


Queen Emma’s Star Tiara.

'Sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons.'
it’s kinda cute how we all celebrate the earth finishing another lap around the sun

trying to make me jealous is the worst way of attempting to get my attention because ill just assume you don’t actually like me that much and that you’d be happier w/ someone else so ill leave you alone because i don’t like competing for affection and wish you the best in whoever you pursue instead

'I hope you get where you’re going, and be happy when you do.'

my favorite way to hang out is so lowkey like u wanna watch reality tv all day in our sweats?? ok. wanna do homework n barely even talk except to complain about how much work it is?? ok. wanna read different books while sharing an entire tub of ice cream?? ok. going out is so much effort like sometimes u just wanna enjoy someone’s company without doing anything “special” and i think those are actually the most special times 

B-authentique - Online Magazine Image

Lago di Garda

the atlas magazine - zdjęcia Oli

i feel like im very dreamy & childlike but also wise & determined

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