You are only invisible to those who do not deserve to see you.

Ścierają się we mnie dwie skrajne potrzeby, logicznego poukładania klocków i nieustannego zrywania się ze smyczy logiki. Porządku i szaleństwa.

Don’t let your habits become handcuffs.

I don’t know how to express that being with someone so dangerous was the last time I felt safe.

The cure for pain is in the pain.

It happens like this.
One day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else—closer to them than your closest family. Perhaps this person carries within them an angel—one sent to you for some higher purpose; to teach you an important lesson or to keep you safe during a perilous time. What you must do is trust in them—even if they come hand in hand with pain or suffering—the reason for their presence will become clear in due time.
Though here is a word of warning—you may grow to love this person but remember they are not yours to keep. Their purpose isn’t to save you but to show you how to save yourself. And once this is fulfilled; the halo lifts and the angel leaves their body as the person exits your life. They will be a stranger to you once more.

Fine. Maybe I’m the puzzle. But you’re still the pieces.

You were better to the ones that were worse for you. And worse to the one that was better for you.

I am running away but I prefer to call it a strategic retreat.

The last time I talked to him I said I just want to be the one you love best
and he cried because I wasn’t.

You can hide memories, suppress them, but you can’t erase the history that produced them. If nothing else, you need to remember that. You can’t erase history, or change it. It would be like destroying yourself.

I love you. I know the other night didn’t mean for you what it did for me. But I don’t regret it and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since it happened. Not just because it was great which it was. But because it was right. It was so right and you may not see that right now but I do. And if I have to wait until we’re both 80 years old for you to see it then I’ll wait. I’m not going anywhere. This is it for me. You’re it for me. I can’t pretend to feel any less for you than I do. I’m sorry. I just can’t.

I will find that special person who is wrong for me in just the right way.

Let our scars fall in love.

You can hide memories, but you can’t erase the history that produced them.
I could never tire
of you; yours is 
the presence that
reminds dying 
things why it was
so beautiful to
have lived. 

 Soft hearts
gone frozen
are the
easiest to

"Where have I gone?"

He could not answer,
and so she knew she
must be lost. 
the trees are asking forgiveness for falling

Horns (2013)

they will all meet someone with my name and learn to forget that they ever associated it with me

My clothes smell like you
And that’s great I guess
But I still miss when 
They smelled like me. 

I don’t have too much to offer now
Except moments of quiet
And stories of past lovers.
I’m working on becoming more
Than I am.
I’d like you to be there.
I’d like to share who I become with you. 
I’ve never told you about anyone else before. I never thought I was going to. It was always you or nothing for me but I don’t think of you when I hold his hand anymore and it terrifies me. I haven’t been so scared since you. 

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