And how cruel of you
To be right here beside me 
And leave me all alone. 

Heartbreak hurts the most when you think it’s your fault.

 Once everyone knows your name, they’ll listen to everything you have to say. "

 She lost him but she found herself and that was everything. "

Don’t fall in love with me. I’m a wildfire. A single touch from me can burn you. Stay a little longer and you’ll turn into dust.
Don’t fall in love with me. I’m an ocean. My waves will crush you down. Come closer and you’ll get soaked with my love and I won’t even care if you drown.
Don’t fall in love with me. I’m as unpredictable as the weather. One minute I’m a calm cloud who’ll bring light to your day. And the next second, I’m a thundering storm who’ll destroy everything that comes in my way.

—  Don’t fall in love with me // 

it’s the way you say my name. 
as if you’ve missed my name for eternities. the way you roll it around, waiting for me to turn and look up. as if you always carry my name at the tip of your tongue, in good and bad. the way you let it settle before hitting my ears, as if each time you say it, you have missed me even more than the last. the way you say it, i hear red and see blue all at once. 
and all i want to turn and say is, ‘i love you too’
—  i do too (34/365) // b.d.

she is not indebted to you, whether you have known her for five minutes or seven years or a lifetime. she never was and she never will be.

perhaps it was that you have not learnt to respect those that respect you 

so i stand here at 3:00 am, listening to my heart ache. it tells me to call you. it tells me that you’ll still be awake and your soft breathing shall comfort the depths of my souls where my ghosts seem to haunt my thoughts. but the last time i called you at 3 am, our voices did not seem to understand each other. you were speaking a language that i could not comprehend. 
it is 3:30 am and my flight is being announced. as i stand in line to board the plane, i think about you one last time. quickly and quietly. as if i keep you on my mind for too long, it starts spinning. if i think about you too loudly, my body starts aching. 
it is 4:00 am and the flight attendant kindly requests us to switch off our phones. shaking of my sudden sickness for you, i touch my home button to check my screen one last time.
one message
‘hey. i miss you. call me sometime?’ 
but it’s too late, i am gone, you are left. life is whole.

my heart held a funeral to bury your love
turns out you did not want to be buried
you wanted to be burnt. 
no wonder my heart has been aflame

we could have a small loft in a city we love. and late saturday mornings with coffee and pancakes. and dates at all the little coffee shops. and a photoshoot at christmas under the lights. and cereal and milk for dinner. and blue balloons and hugs at midnight. and chocolate, lots of chocolate. and rainy days we could watch our favorite movies and drink hot chocolate. and suddenly, with this idea in mind life seems much brighter.

you were my destination,
but i was just another path
and that was our difference

so this is what goodbye tastes like. like the stinging tears that you try to hold back as your heart tries to make sense and fails. like the despair that leaps up to your throat, choking you, holding back words as you try to spell out “don’t leave.” like the messy thoughts that you can barely put into sentences. like the way your hands tremble and your soul shakes as you realize that they were already long gone before goodbye was even said. like the nightmares that woke you up when you were five and there were monsters under your bed. like the memories that play through your mind as goodbye echoes through your entire existence. 
this is what goodbye tastes like.
why i refuse to say goodbye 

because tomorrow when the sun rises again, i’ll still be here, but you’ll be long gone.

you have a habit of forgetting, 
and i have a habit of forgiving.
now we are both, 

in between 
what could’ve 
been, and
what is, 
we have been lost.

i look for your familiar silhouette
in unfamiliar places
i can never seem to find you
partially because
you have become an unfamiliar silhouette 
in familiar places

what they were, they knew
what they could’ve been,
they will never know

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There are 
no anchors 
than people”

I’d sleep forever if I knew you’d be in all my dreams.

Tell me that you care one more time, I fucking dare you.

"I know what we once had was love and not you, her or anybody can ever take that away from me."

I can’t wait for the day when you come across an old photograph, or maybe just reminiscing, and you realize what you did. And some part of me hopes you’ll be filled with regret."

"Pinned her up against the wall because she’s a masterpiece"

"You’re just another person from my past , and it’s time I leave you there"

"He tasted like summer, but our story was winter."

She gave herself to boys that didn’t matter because she was trying to forget the only one who did"

"I wish you would just pick up the phone and fucking call me. Explain it just one time. No matter what you say, you can’t hurt me any more than you already have."

"Even before you touched me, 
I belonged to you; all you had to do
was look at me."

She won’t reply for hours and sometimes you won’t see her for a week. You will take this personally. Don’t. She’s simply taking care of herself and she’ll tell you how much she missed you while she was away.
She’ll get very jealous. My god, she gets so jealous. Those brown eyes will turn a deep green. She hates that about herself, and she doesn’t mean to do it. Remember, she loves you. Reassure her that you love her too.
On that topic, she needs constant reassurance. Tell her you love her and mean it. If you can’t do that, leave. She deserves more than that.
There will be nights when she goes out and drinks a little too much. She’ll call you to bring her home. When you do, she’ll try to keep you up all night by tickling you and repeating “I love you and I’m sorry I’m annoying.” She’s not annoying. But make sure she has plenty of water and don’t let her pass out until she drinks it, or she will be miserable in the morning.
She is the most independent woman I know. But she’s so insecure, it still breaks my heart. So when she starts an argument with “you don’t love me.” Do not get upset. Remind her you do and the reasons why. She’ll come around.
Make her tea and remember the way she takes her coffee. She will notice.
When she’s having an anxiety attack, wrap her up in your arms and rub her back. Tell her she’s safe and remind her that she has medication if she needs it.
If you cannot treat her like royalty, let someone else. That girl deserves the world.
Losing her is a pain you will never shake. Your world will come crashing down on you and those pieces won’t ever fit the way they used to. Don’t let her go.
She will love you with all she’s got. Please give her the same.
I am begging you to not hurt her. She is golden. Don’t let that shine die out.
Give her your all and she’ll return the favor. You will never have to ask the universe for anything ever again.
— Sincerely, a name you’ll hear in passing

"In the end, I was only hurting myself because I couldn’t hurt you."

i do not chase people
i do not chase men, and i do not chase friends
hell, i don’t even chase family
i’m here, and i’m important
i’m not running after people to prove that i matter

 I thought I was something special to you, but, you’re just a chain smoker and I was just another pack of cigarettes. 

You’re all I wanted, you’re all that I wanted, you said it first. You said you wanted me first. I hate you, I hate you because I can’t hate you.

 Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so. 

 You loved this boy but the timing wasn’t right and things fell apart and you miss him so much you just want another chance to love him again but you’re scared and he doesn’t love you anymore and it’s all a mess and you lay in bed and try to find a reason to get up. 
But you can’t fucking find one. 

 pretending it doesn’t hurt
is what hurts the most 

 Dreams won’t come looking for you. That’s why you have to chase them. Pursue them, until they become reality then hold on tightly. 

 He said, "I’m sorry I ruined you." Then he left. 

 I was his lesson of what not to do. I hope he’s practicing what he learned with you. 

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