"When I look up at the stars, I can’t help but to wonder if you’re looking too."

Once upon a time, nothing hurt and
everything was beautiful.
Once upon a time, my eyes were
as bright as the moon.
Once upon a time, you loved me.
Once upon a time, my chest didn’t
ache, and it wasn’t hard to breathe.
Once upon a time, life was beautiful.
Once upon a time—
there is no once upon a time,
because that means my story
has come to an end;
my story is just beginning—
and so is yours.

"Note to self: you lived without him before, you can do it again."

"I wish I could have
at least told you

but I didn’t know there
was a goodbye
to be said."

"I thought about you today.
My heart didn’t hurt,
my chest didn’t ache,
and I smiled."

I suppose I can’t blame you, really.
It was me who put my fragile heart
into your hands, and it was me
who thought that your words
of love were true.
I mean, you never promised me forever,
you never even promised me tomorrow.
I was lucky enough to get three years
of your friendship.
So, I suppose I can’t blame you,
and I don’t regret you either;
and I truly hope you’re happy,
and that you’ve found everything
you were ever looking for,
even if I’m a not part of it.

"I can feel it deep within my bones.
Something resides within me,
reminding me that it’s almost time
for me to go;
it’s almost time
to say goodbye."

People are pieces of
the universe,
stitched together
with hope and magic.

"Your weight determines
your relationship with gravity;

but it should never determine
your relationship with yourself."

You promised me that
you would always love me,
and never leave.
I promised myself that
I would never let myself
believe you.
I guess neither of
us are very good at
keeping promises.

"i. i no longer love you.
ii. i am truly happy.
iii. breathing doesn’t hurt so much anymore.
iv. i love myself.
v. i’m looking forward to tomorrow."

"i. The way your lips tasted like whiskey.
ii. How your hands set my body on fire.
iii. The way your lips made my name sounded like a prayer.
iv. What it felt like to get drunk off your kiss.
v. The look in your eyes when you stopped loving me."

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