It takes me five minutes to pick out oranges at the grocery store. I can’t help but wonder if the stranger next to me misses someone too /d.a.h

We get so hurt when certain people leave us. That’s because we expect them to stay. But people don’t become statues just because you care about them.

Don’t let me become a “what-if.”
You’re too beautiful
and too absent.

Remind me 
I missed you.

I like trees 
because they don’t
They stand 
rooted in truth. 

you're beautiful
and I love you.
I’m sorry if I ever placed anyone above you.
Its times like these that make me realize
how I took you for granted.
I disrespected the respect you demanded,
and knowing you’ll never hear me say I’m sorry,
I can’t stand it.
Not having you here right now is really hard on me,
so here and now I say
I’m sorry

I don’t want to love
a stranger, so tell me more
than just your full name.

We do not speak often anymore.
Our bodies are far apart;
our minds, even farther. 
Yet I still think of you
and wonder if you
replay any
we once

Why is it now that I see the fault of my ways?
Why is it now that I long for past days?
Why is it now that I wish to say…

I love you
Your sudden silence makes us strangers.

His kindest words hurt the most.

I haven’t given up. 
Just waiting.

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