are you ever angry at one person so you take it out on literally everyone in your entire life

I’m really good at flirting with people when I’m not interested in them

Things To Tell My Daughter

"Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to."

you are the only person who could make me look forward to mondays think about how much control that is to have over someone

I actually haven’t seen the movie spring breakers yet but I am assuming it’s exactly like my life right now

my favorite game is called “liking everyone a lot more than they like me and then being sad about it” 

I know that silence is as heavy as my least compelling secrets
and that you only say you love me
because you need to hear it
I am sorry for not being all you thought I would be.
Sorry all my jokes are empty.

i was gonna go for a run but instead i ate an entire tub of raw cookie dough this is the exact opposite of what i meant to do 

i love people so much like i just think people are great and fantastic and interesting i can’t even relate to cynicism at all because people are too wonderful for me to get wrapped up in hating them as a whole 

“i would like to be your girlfriend so i could dump you”

van gogh and i have so much in common i can totally see myself setting up a  little house for a friend to come stay in with me and getting really excited and making him paintings and decorating his room and building it up when actually he hates me and thinks i’m a weirdo and tells everyone how much he hates me that’s SO something i would do 
i’m still feeling really really sad about van gogh and how no one liked him even though he tried so hard to be a nice pal to all i can’t get over how awful it is 

my worst habit is that i take every single thing really personally you could be like ‘hey i like your dress’ and i would be like “wow she’s only saying that because she HATES ME AND WANTS ME TO DIE” which doesn’t make any sense but i do it anyway 

"Serious is just another word for miserable."
i’m so unreasonable all of the time 
I love spending 80+ minutes of my life on public transit every day because the other passengers are always so completely insane but interesting and I’ve met people from every walk of life and I’ve learned a lot from really bizarre little conversations with strangers I’m never bored of riding the train to school I love it

Day 37/365
A conversation I have never had

my really dumb early attempts at comic things oh my god this is so dumb i hate it 
the good news is i’ve written like 18 poems a day for the past 2 weeks but the bad news is i’ve stopped sleeping and eating and doing homework 
"Don’t carry it inside and don’t give it to nobody else. Try to understand it, but if you can’t, just forget it and keep yourself strong."
when you’re sober on Wednesday morning. 
I hear your name in the last notes of every song I learned to play
on the guitar I borrowed from a boy I’ll never see again.

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