I can't tell you how I feel, because you'd only use it against me // I'm tired of being lied to.

i was always yours; you were never mine

thank you for not caring, it's made me learn not to expect anything from you

she has the kind of smile that says, "you don't know me, and you never will"

today is the 1st of February; the first day of a new month and a chance for a new you

love is a luxury i can no longer afford

There's a difference between letting go, and pretending you've forgotten.

You haven't changed, and you never will. I need to learn that, so I can stop letting you disappoint me.

I know it's something that you don't like to talk about, but I want you to know that you can.

You're a good actress, but that smile doesn't look real.

You still love her?" "I can't imagine the day I won't."

how many smiles did you fake today?

you're gonna miss me when i'm gone

I wasn't supposed to care about you like this

Tonight you're thinking about somebody else and all I'm doing is falling apart thinking about you.

Someday I will find someone who will love me the way I loved you.

Finding out your friend has lied to you from somebody else is such a horrible feeling

It would be nice to just go to Paris, fall in love with someone and never look back

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