Don’t wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don’t.

So, I was called “beautiful,” and “ugly,” in the same day. 
Carpe diem.

And now you’re gone and I’m broken, and I’ll bet that you are just fine.

I hate when people claim that you’ve forgotten them. The telephone works both ways, you know. It takes more than one to form a friendship, and same goes for keeping it that way.
There has to be some kind of balance.
It must be a mutual relationship, none of this commensalism or parasitism.

I thought I had everything I needed
But then I found what was missing

And sometimes I even have to stop and ask myself, why am I doing this? Why give everything to someone who’s only willing to give the bare minimum? Why care for someone who doesn’t care for you?  

The French word for ‘hope,’ is the Spanish word for ‘wait.’

Because for some unknown reason, no matter the words you say or the things you do, I will always love you.  Better yet - I’ll always love who you used to be.

Don’t you know? It’s impossible to catch someone who isn’t falling.
And even harder to catch someone who’s falling in the opposite direction.

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