And the sky is full of dreams But you don’t know how to fly

Me:I want to be happy
Life:I'm sorry, the item you have attempted to purchase is not in stock. Please try again later.

Pain is experience, experience is knowledge. But God dammit, I have enough knowledge.
It’s not knowledge that I feel that I lack.
It’s happiness.

But I feel like my story has already been written.
Many, many times. 


Thanks for convincing me I’m a worthless piece of shit.
How kind of you.

I asked God to protect me from my enemies and I started losing friends…

What happens when your dreams become so unreachable, you’re forced to come to the realization that they’ll never be more than just dreams? What happens when you’re a dreamer lost in the distressing world we call our home?”

Did you say l’amour?
I heard la mort!

 I can love someone so much that I’d give my life for them if it was necessary. But yet, hate them … I don’t believe hate’s the right word here. Perhaps, very much dislike them. Because for some reason, what we love most is what brings us the most pain.

Too in love to truly love, too alive to really breathe, and too thoughtful to think properly…

I miss you.
I miss your laugh.
I miss laughing at you.
Hell, I even miss when you laughed at me.
I miss our crazy theories about the world. 
 I miss our stupid notes to each other. 
I wish you could see what my life was like now.I wish you could see what I’ve become now. I wish I could tell you everything .
I wish you’d never left.
I wish you were here.

I love you. And I’m always going to love you. But I don’t want to love you. I want to be happy.

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world and I’ve experienced it way too many fucking times.

So I’m just going to kill myself and that’ll be the end of that.

You can’t miss something before it’s gone.

I can’t get any closer if you keep stepping away. 

Don’t you dare die. I’m not finished loving you.

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