Play with my hair instead of my feelings thank u

say it, and I swear I’m yours

You deserve someone who would rather die than hurt you. Never forget that.

and unfortunately this will not be the last time

this feeling has always been so new to me, and I don’t ever want it to fade

I want you and your love – nothing else

December 25, 2012
and I find myself wondering where this all will end up

and I find myself wondering where this all will end up

because I know you would never feel this way too.

you’re the book I could never put down

and I will not stop wishing until this comes true

who knew that three letters could possibly encompass such meaning

And you’ll take anything,
because you wanted everything

and so I wait patiently for you to feel the same about me

so when you finally decide to choose love over fear
I’ll be waiting for you, right here

and I torture myself wondering if you’ve ever felt it too

so now I can spend the rest of my life believing in something new

and the recurring question is always “Why?”

I’m ashamed to admit that I hold onto this hope that you’ll somehow find your way back to me.

November 23, 2012
and I’ve decided that I couldn’t persuade myself to save my life.

it’s safe to say they’ll never understand

And I pray that it isn’t too much to ask for.

i’ve lost you
and yet
i still choose
to love you

and as much as I wanted to blame you for it
I couldn’t

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