Tired, tired with nothing, tired with everything, tired with the world’s weight he had never chosen to bear."

Is anyone anywhere happy? No, not unless they are living in a dream or in an artifice that they or someone else has made. For a time I was lulled in the arms of a blind optimism with breasts full of champagne and nipples made of caviar. I thought she was true, and that the true was the beautiful. But the true is the ugly mixed up everywhere, like a peck of dirt scattered through your life. The true is that there is no security, no artifice to stop the unsavory changes, the rat race, the death unwish - the winged chariot, the horns and motors, the Devil in the clock."

You can build walls all the way to the sky and I will find a way to fly above them. You can try to pin me down with a hundred thousand arms, but I will find a way to resist. And there are many of us out there, more than you think. People who refuse to stop believing. People who refuse to come to earth. People who love in a world without walls, people who love into hate, into refusal, against hope, and without fear."

"There is only darkness, starless and complete. The waves glitter like a million dull knives."

"If I knew the way I would take you home."

My soul is naked.
It wears the transparent garment of love."

After all, what is happiness? Love, they tell me. But love doesn’t bring and never has brought happiness. On the contrary, it’s a constant state of anxiety, a battlefield; it’s sleepless nights, asking ourselves all the time if we’re doing the right thing. Real love is composed of ecstasy and agony."

"Once you have met a true human being,
let him not disappear from the horizon of your heart."

"After that, when Alex pictured his heart, he did not just imagine the hole. He also saw the extent of the damage: all the love he’d gathered for and from other people draining out, an unstoppable sieve."

As it has been said:
Love and a cough
cannot be concealed.
Even a small cough.
Even a small love."

"The Buddha said that suffering was caused by desire, we’d learned, and that the cessation of desire meant the cessation of suffering. When you stopped wishing things wouldn’t fall apart, you’d stop suffering when they did."

"There’s never an easy route to the things that matter."

His skin
is a brutally beautiful
handwritten letter
from the sun."

Everyone who tells a story tells it differently, just to remind us that everybody sees it differently. Some people say there are true things to be found, some people say all kinds of things can be proved. I don’t believe them. The only thing for certain is how complicated it all is, like string full of knots. It’s all there but hard to find the beginning and impossible to fathom the end. The best you can do is admire the cat’s cradle, and maybe knot it up a bit more."

Her world had shrunk - no matter who she was with, she’d prefer to be with him. That’s what happened when you fell in love - you only want to see this one person.

"What I’m not sure about, is if our lives have been so different from the lives of the people we save. We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we’ve lived through, or feel we’ve had enough time."

"Dear heart, how fast you do grow up."

"Not knowing when the dawn will come
I open every door.

"I am very selfish, really. I lived for love."

"It comes so soon, the moment when there is nothing left to wait for."

"If you can’t impress yourself, then no one else really matters."

"Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything."

"To you, it was just picking flowers. To them, it was a massacre."

"I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind."

"My heart was too big for my body, so I let it go."

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."

"It’s not that I can’t fall in love. It’s really that I can’t help falling in love with too many things all at once. So, you must understand why I can’t distinguish between what’s platonic and what isn’t, because it’s all too much and not enough at the same time."

"We all, sometimes, leave each other out there under the skies, and we never understand why."

"She let out a laugh, and then she put her hand over her mouth, like she was angry at herself for forgetting her sadness."

"There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations."

that it was not too late to hope for a better world."

"I love those who dream of the impossible."

"Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?"

…one day I’ll touch the world with bare hands
even if it burns."

"A thousand dreams within me softly burn."

"Maybe there is hope in fragments, that what is lost can always be filled in by someone who knows."

I knew it was beautiful, but knowing something is beautiful and caring about it are two very different things, and I didn’t care."

But it was a lie, about the world being small. 
It was big enough."

I know that’s what people say - you’ll get over it. I’d say it, too. But I know it’s not true. Oh, you’ll be happy again, never fear. But you won’t forget. Every time you fall in love it will be because something in the man reminds you of him.

"I love you. It hurts more than anything ever has, but I do."

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