lost you, found myself // Sometimes his silence is better than anyone else’s words.

If I was asked to describe 
what seeing you feels like 
I could make use of metaphors, 
hyperboles, alliterations, 
beautiful adjectives 
or bitter sweet images.

There is a light in your eyes that could guide me home

I will be happy.
I will fight for what I love and I will accept it, when things do not turn out the way I thought they would.
I will spend that money, I will stay up at night and I won’t let the pressure bring me down.
At the end of the year, I will look back and realize that I had the fucking best time of my life.
I will put my heart at risk, follow my dreams and finish my projects.

Please be my city lights
in all those lonely, lonely nights
I don’t want to be alone,
can you please guide me home?
I think I lost my heartbeat,
I’m barely standing on my feet
My mind is shattered into pieces,
can’t remember any faces
I wish I knew some of your secrets
to find your so well-hidden weakness

I remember 
almost every word 
you have ever spoken 
while you probably 
cannot even recall 
the sound of my voice.

Have you ever wondered 
wether the person you’re in love with
actually exists
or if you just made up 
someone to fall for
who isn’t really them?

Do I miss your words 
or do I miss the feeling?
Do I miss your eyes 
or the way they make me feel?
Do I miss your smile or mine?

One of the most beautiful and at the same time cruelest things in the world is falling in love with a fictional character. 
Falling for their thoughts, for the way they talk and their deepest secrets which they only share with you.
Getting to know them better by each page, forming an idea of their facial expressions and making up conversations with them when no one is around.
And sometimes, you will spot someone on the street, with hair just like this character or a smile that reminds you of your daydreams and your heart will ache in the most hurtful way because you will never see all that characteristics combined in one person.

And I am wondering
whether you’d be surprised
if you realized
how hard I fell for you
Or if you knew it all along
because my eyes
gave away too much.

And while you 
probably do not even notice
that we haven’t seen each other in days,
each and every second
that we have been apart
burns a deeper hole
into my soul.

In the end, failure simply shows that we live our lives in the fullest and take risks which are worth everything

They write of love and I about you

What hurts the most 
is that despite missing 
and loving you for years, 
I still have no right 
to know or ask 
anything about you

Whenever I enter a room
the first thing I do
is searching for your silhouette
or trying to identify your voice
out of hundreds
And I wonder
whether you have ever felt
that warmth in your chest when you spot me
that I feel
whenever my eyes find
your familiar face

How is it even possible 
that I am constantly thinking about you
whilst I am not even on your mind
when I’m standing right in front of you?

In the end, our bones are made out of stardust and our tears all taste the same

I saw a light in your eyes which I missed in mine

Dear X,
I know that we aren’t what people consider ‘close’, even though we have known each other for a few years now, but there is something I have to tell you - because if I do not, I will probably lose my mind.
This may come a bit like a shock to you, since you are probably of the opinion that I don’t even like you, but I think I have fallen for you in every way possible. And that shy, distanced nod of mine, whenever you ask a question, is actually caused by the lack of air, due to the warmth of your smile. 
In a way, I don’t even remember when I first started realizing that your eyes hold a different kind of depth or that your voice causes shivers running down my spine.
But then again, I remember that one night I dreamed that you took my hand and kissed the corner of my mouth and when I woke up, I just knew.
Knew that those feelings wouldn’t fade for a very long time and since then, I cannot stop thinking about your fingertips on my back or making up conversations which will never happen anyway. 
You’re in my mind, in every poem I write and when you’re standing in front of me, it takes all that I have to stop myself from grinning like a lovesick idiot - but isn’t that what I am?
I don’t know.
There hasn’t been a single day when I regretted or cursed the fact that I fell in love with you. My love for you may be unrequited but it is definitely not an unhappy one.
You are the reason why I found joy in life again, you are what gave me the courage to change my life for the better. 
And I am so thankful to exist at the same time as you.
Sincerely, someone who cares

a letter I will never write, with confessions I will never make and a love I will never show

I’d probably sell my soul to the devil

I never thought
I was one of these girls
that fall for men like you
But I did
even though I know
how people would react
if they found out
and how you would react
if I told you

I have always loved romantic poetry. I adored the way a writer describes the colour of their loved ones eyes, the way their heart misses a beat whenever they get to see them. I loved how these authors could write about smiles that outshine the sun, laughter as beautiful as one of Bach’s symphonies or lips, softer than silk.
I admired their ability to make readers fall in love with letters and words, drawing them into a a different world almost effortlessly

I never thought it was possible to miss someone who is standing right in front of me

I suck at remembering phone numbers and even though I never called yours, it is stuck in my brain forever

Would I have fallen for you if I wasn’t a writer? Would I’ve noticed the way you bite your lip after having a good laugh or how you lose all focus whenever music starts playing? Would I’ve realized that beneath this undefinable colour of your eyes, they hold the universe? Would I know that you finish most of your sentences with a shy smile and that not even the sun compares to the warmth of your voice

because in a way, a writer always falls for their inspiration

It doesn’t matter if you want to kiss boys or girls or both and who cares if you want to fuck without feelings or love without fucking

Please don’t look at him like that
because he’s the only one I’ve ever loved
and please don’t take his hand in yours
it has been a while since I have laughed

And I am sorry that I lied to you
when you asked me
what my stories and poems are about
and I answered that I write
about the things I love the most
Because the truth is
that there is no plural
that there is just one thing
I want to write about.

I know that you’re probably not the love of my life
one day, my feelings for you will fade
and I will be able to fall in love again
to build a home
without you there
and I will look at someone
the way I look at you
but unlike you,
they will return that gaze
and yet, at this time
at this part of my life
you are everything

Sometimes I wonder how you would react if you read one of my stories. Would you realize that they are about you? Would you recognize yourself in the characters? Would you understand that you are what keeps me going?

Do not trust sunday evenings.
They will show everything in a different light, they’ll make you feel lonely and try to manipulate you into thinking that you won’t make it, that you’re not strong enough

It has been nearly a month since I saw you last and I am so fucking jealous of everyone that gets to see your smile and hear your laugh

I did not hear your laugh for weeks and even though I am trying my best to keep going, I’m missing you like shit today

I see you in the strangers passing by, I hear your voice in the dark and feel your fingers ghosting over my skin. I turn my head whenever someone laughs like you and I have to remind myself every single moment that time is just a concept.

I knew that I had fallen for you when I realized that it was your voice answering my thoughts

Knowing that my love for you will forever be unrequited has something strangely satisfying.
It makes it easier to concentrate on how you brighten my days and calm my mind, what you give to me without even noticing and the way my mood increases whenever you are around

Most of the time, I don’t even fantasize about sexual situations when I think about you. I rather imagine what it would be like to hold your hand and draw small circles on it’s back, to hold your gaze as long as I want to, to place my arms around your waist and simply reach out to brush that one strand of hair behind your ear

I wonder how things will be in a few years. Will I still dream of your face every night? Or will you be a memory, slowly fading and never present?
Would you even remember my name? will I care about you?

I cannot remember what not loving you felt like.
What did I dream of at night? Who answered my thoughts when I doubted everything? How did I make it through the day without admiring your laugh?

I cannot wait to experience life in it’s fullest.
To travel the world, to explore unknown cities and to get lost in the anonymity of a foreign country.
I cannot wait to walk through the streets of small towns, close to the sea and the mountains. To meet new people, make new friends and learn new languages.
I cannot wait to think about philosophy and literature all night, with tea and the right person by my side. 
I cannot wait to meet that special someone that will sleep beside me for the rest of my life and will listen to my stories even though they have heard them before.
To get drunk in Scottish pubs and lost in a street musician’s music

You will never know of all those times I didn’t listen to a word you said and simply stared at your lips, wondering how they would feel on mine and what sounds could escape them

I saw you in my dreams and I wish you would stay; but as soon as I awake you’re always too far away

When I’m looking at you, I can’t help thinking of how I’d draw you, how I would point out your cheek bones and highlight your lips. How I would write about you, how I’d describe the undefinable colour of your eyes and the warmth of your laugh. you're art.

Isn’t it strange how I remember every fact I have ever learned about you and every detail of your face while you sometimes even struggle to remember my name

It bothers me, that you do not know what I feel for you. That you will never know of all those hours I lay awake at night, thinking, writing and daydreaming of you. What would you say if I told you? Would you be surprised? Or did you know it all along? Did my eyes give away too much?

A day will come when the story inside you will want to breath on its own. That's when you'll start writing. 

It took me far too long to realize that you weren’t even worth writing about

Turning through the pages 
Of a book I forgot I wrote

Pictures aren’t always proof that a moment was perfect. Sometimes they are a reminder of an empty appearance of perfection. When you decide to make things different for yourself, these are the pictures you keep, so you know why you musn’t go back, and you must stay strong.

The thing about writers is you’ll never know who they’re in love with, because they write about everything and every one which inspires them

You are ever a dream, and never a reality.
You are a scheme, but never a plan.
You are a wish without command

Napiszę o Tobie. Tylko poczekaj.

Love will knock again, but this time I won’t be home.
My mouth will smile, and my body will be present, but my essence will be outdoors reading a letter,
indoors snuggling a stranger, nowhere at all.

"I would close my eyes; when i open them; suddenly I find my way back to you. I am drawn to your presence."

She looks at him like he’s the only star in the sky 
Like he’s the only flower in the field 
She looks at him like he’s the brightest color in the world 
Like he’s the only planet that’s been revealed"

“ Truly.

And you were the moon and I was a star.
But she was the earth.
Our love story would have to wait."

It’s funny how a fundamental thing like caring has become so rare these days

Being with you.

I think people,
certain people have lost it,
the ability or the privilege
to see beauty, appreciate it.
No, I’m not talking about beauty
in sunsets or lovers;
(though it is there,)
But the beauty in dying emotions,
in bleeding feelings, and heartbroken
somewhats, or the beauty in spaces
like these where simple things to
the most intricate pleasantries lie.
I speak of beauty on the edge
of door steps, and callused
where the labourer and banker
fear the same trivialities,
death, being alone, pain.
I speak of a beauty to overcome
this anguish, but it seems lost
in pages, pages much like

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bad vibes

stay hungry
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You’re my favorite notification 

at least you’re cool on the internet

Imagine being naked and walking into a room and everyone wants to touch you. That’s the life of a dog or cat.

I want to travel more 

Bank Account:
Like to the park? 

pizza will never 
-talk behind your back 
-lie to you
-steal your money 
-be mean to you 
 people should be like pizza 

I’ve been too busy missing you

She hides it well so it’s not easy to see. But look at her smile and in the corner you’ll find the smallest hint of a sadness she can’t make disappear.

You have to do what you think is the right thing, but just make sure it’s the right thing in the long run, and not just for the moment.

You know, I think love is about finding someone who’s flaws work with yours in perfect harmony.

…travel widely, eat adventurously, love passionately, dare with abandon, learn with a voracious appetite, risk being hurt, get far outside of your comfort zone

“in the waves
I lost,
every trace
of you.


What happens when your ‘forever’ walks out the door? 

I wrote so much about you that I’m starting to wonder whether you’re just my inspiration or one of my characters that magically came to life.

http://www.bershka.com/pl/buty/kobieta/zobacz-wszystko/wi%C4%85zane-trampki-na-platformie-c1010131813p100583528.html?colorId=001   !!!!


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