Right now, I fear I am not enough.
That I am not strong enough for my own obstacles,
Let alone the ones I want to go through with you,
That I am not fast enough to keep up 
And that you are light years ahead of me,
That I am not good enough now
And I still won’t be when you need me to be.
I pray that I am enough tomorrow. 

I have no idea what you see
When you’re dreaming with your eyes open.
I just hope I’m there. 

You stay 
And I become greedy.
You are more than I asked for
But I can’t get enough of you. 

If you asked me to, I would stay. 
If you told me to, I would go.
You’re the only love that I have 
ever known and I don’t know how
to abandon that all on my own.

And I suppose this is where 
you and I become so different,
because I would never lead you
to believe that I still loved you
while I was spending my time
in the confines of someone
else’s loving arms.

“Our story will always
be running through 
my mind on repeat. 
Fleeting moments
come and go as often
as our “I love you’s”
used to, and at times
I wonder if I could
relearn how to love 
someone other than 
you. You think that I 
am forgetting, that I 
am moving on, but 
darling every day I am 
consumed by you and 
everything that we
were meant to be.”
— "For when she forgets what she does to me,

I think maybe in some ways that is why we fell apart,
because she loved me too little while loving the rest
of the world so much. She gave pieces of herself to
strangers but was never ready to call me her lover
and in time I could not help but wonder what it was
that made my heart so hard and heavy. I came undone
while trying to understand what it was that made me
so unworthy, so unloveable in her eyes. It was not
her fault that I fell into a pit of sorrow, nor was it
up to her to mend all of the broken pieces inside
of my brittle and bruised hands. It was never her
duty to care for a woman that did not know how
to care for herself.

Now we’re just friends
but you say I love you
like it still means the
same thing to you.”

“I knew you didn’t love me
and I stayed anyway,
because I hoped that
there would be enough time
for you to see that I was still
everything that you once
thought of me.”

There is no forgetting, only letting go,

I created entire novels
on how we were supposed
to fall in love, but when
it came down to finally
sacrificing our hearts
and throwing all sense
of reality to the sky,
I came to see that
there had never lived
a woman inside of you
that was strong enough
to love a woman like me.

When it comes to running,
she knows best. Always
anticipating the right time
to pull her heart out of the
story, leaving me empty and
dry for a love that no longer
knows my name.

All I know is that this love
cannot be taken back.
I cannot reverse time with
the hopes of forgetting
what it felt like to love her.
And though we both know
that I will never be her forever,
I’ll keep this space inside
of my hollowed and empty
chest warm and ready for
whenever she finds herself
looking for someone to run to.

“I don’t believe that there will
ever be another love like ours.”

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