"And in a blink of an eye, you were gone.”

"I see your face in every lost pair of eyes.”

"Being in love is the most humane type of torture.”

The butterflies you gave me have died off from suffocation.

"I missed summer so I went swimming in your eyes.”

"My heart has to break to become stronger; like bones.”

"And while I held your hand, you held my heart.”

"Why talk about ‘tomorrow’ when you only have one ‘today’?

"I brake the same way glass does just more silent.”

I like being alone but I’m afraid of being lonely.
I like the night but I’m afraid of the dark.
I like adventures but I’m afraid of getting lost.
I like the idea of falling in love but I’m afraid of loving.
There are many things I’m afraid of but I can finally say
I like life but I am not afraid of living.

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