"The obvious is sometimes false, and the unexpected is sometimes true."
"There are things I’d rather whisper and never quite say out loud."
"I want to feel all there is to feel, he thought. Let me feel tired, now, let me feel tired. I mustn’t forget, I’m alive, I know I’m alive, I mustn’t forget it tonight or tomorrow or the day after that."

"Even as I hold you, I am letting you go."
i put headphones in 20 minutes ago and forgot to play music: a novel by me

we might not have talked before but I’m in love with you

im not sure if im hungry but im gonna eat anyway just in case

my favourite part about the 1800’s is none of you were born yet

perks of datin me: i laugh at my own jokes so u dont have to

teacher: where's your homework
me: where's leonardo dicaprio's oscar

Have you ever regretted a decision you made so much that you think about it all the time and you imagine all of the different ways the situation could have turned out if you didn’t mess up so bad

mom i can’t take the trash out i have a blog to run

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