Now all I have is memories 
scars I wear with pride 

Watching life through frosted windows 
swollen eyes now crystallized 
by salty tears of pure emotion 
a sweet release, the last goodbye’s.

Now all I see is fractured, broken, 
empty, void of meaning 
Ignorance turns to denial 
this can’t be real, I’m dreaming. 

Behind every beautiful thing, there’s always a story of pain.



all the time I’ll ever spend,
With all the messages that I’ll never send,
Will somehow bring you closer
To me,

Your words, your speech, will never be enough. 
You are a fool if you ever thought so.

you can not have
my undivided attention
because my attention
is as scattered as
the pieces of my heart.

i can count the people i’ve lost
to sadness on one hand but i
haven’t yet figured out a way
to count the years it’ll take before
i can stop reminding myself that
the darkness is not my friend;

all i know is that i need you to stay.


that which i will never tell you.

have you ever
cared so little
that it actually
scared you?

Transparent to the world
Convoluted to your eyes

you’ve got the keys,
but darling,
my heart is not
a door
and you can not
come and go
as you please.

There is something about you
that draws me towards you
all while simultaneously being repulsed.
You make me feel unsure. Sometimes, I want to love you.
But knowing what I know, my heart tells me not to.
I know you could and would leave me broken,
torn to pieces scattered over the ground.
But I still wonder,
what it would be like to love you.

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