Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything

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Funny Sympathy Ecard: I want you to know that whatever problems you're having, I'm here to read about it on Facebook.

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: Bitch don't flatter yourself, not all my facebook status' are about you.
It sucks liking you because everyone else wants you
Unfortunately, my daydreams about being skinny are always interrupted by the sound of my own chewing.
I'm just calling to make sure you still didn't want me to ever call you again.
Sometimes I stalk you online to remember why I don't want you anymore.
If you were Jesus, today would be Christmas.


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We’re most afraid of things we cannot see, but what about the things that are just really tiny? Adam hand-crafts each piece down to the most intricate detail, before arranging them for their extreme close-ups. The result are fascinating glimpses into horrific scenes with no context but left to the machinations of your own mind to explain.

There’s a plane leaving for anywhere you want right now, and in an hour, and in a day, and in a year. You can get out whenever you want, it’s comforting I think.


Funny Movies Ecard: Please suggest a movie for us to see so that I can find out if you have terrible taste.
To lie to me and never feel guilty about what you said? To just leave without telling me why? To make me believe that you loved me so much, but just left me hanging in the end? How were you able to just walk away from me; everything? To just leave the memories, relationship, and everything else.
How was it easy for you to leave me?
I guess it was very easy for you.

Speak up.
If you like someone, tell them. If you love someone, make sure they know of your feelings. If you messed up, apologize. If you have something to say, scream it on the top of your lungs so they will understand. By default, humans rarely ever say the things they want to. Most of the time (about 98%), the statement you hear will most likely be an “edited” version or one that will not accommodate any truth to it at all. The brain of a human is like a premium filter that stops the truth from coming out of a person’s mouth. Because we often do not speak up and tell people how we really feel, we loose so many amazing opportunities. We make mistakes by stupidly assuming the truth. And we often let good things pass by because we’re too afraid to actually speak up. So next time when you’re feeling conflicted in anyway, make sure to let everything go and let others know where exactly it is that you stand

“I’m sorry” doesn’t erase the fact that you hurt me. Your apology won’t heal the pain that I’m feeling. Sorry for what? Hurting me? Causing me pain? Letting me down? Or are you sorry for doing the same wrong things over and over again? Your sorry doesn’t mean anything anymore.


Maybe it’s because every single time I talk to you first, you don’t even bother to reply back to me. Maybe because every time I make the first move to talk to you, you ignore me. Have you noticed? I was always the one putting the effort. But you know what? Maybe this time, it’s because you forgot about me and found someone better than me.

For what? The life that I’m living? The decisions I’ve made? The friends I’ve chosen? The dreams I want to follow? You can’t judge me because you don’t know the reasons behind everything.

You just have to face the facts. Not everyone’s going to stay the same. You can’t keep saying ‘Before it wasn’t like this, blah blah’ Time changes things. Not everything’s gonna stay the same. You just have to accept it and move on. You can’t be happy if you keep living in the past.

If you really love that person like you say you do, then why cheat?

When you’re wondering why they’re taking so long to text back, just to realize you never press *send.

I don’t want to be just another person in your life. I don’t want to be just anybody. I want to be a priority of yours. I want to mean something to you. I want to be someone important in your life. I want you to regret it if you ever lost me. 

It’s sad.
To see how we once used to be so close. To see how we once used to be able to tell each other anything, everything without hesitating. To see how we once used to know each other the best. And yet now we’re more distant than ever. We always hesitate to tell each other things. We know nothing of each other. 

I find it really pathetic how you talk shit about people and start hating on someone but whenever they’re around you, you start kissing their ass and put on an act like youre best friends with them. Hahaha.

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